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All about turtle lights,uv light or full spectrum light

Hello,today I would tell you secrets of turtle lights,and uv light or full spectrum light,do tortoise need light?Which light to choose?You would find answers here.

Do turtles need a heat lamp?

When indoors cannot be exposed to sunlight or in low light conditions for a long time, turtle light bulbs need to be used to illuminate the back of the turtle.

The role of turtle tanning: refers to the use of UVB in the sun to irradiate the turtle body, so that the formation of vitamin D3 in their body can fully absorb calcium. UVA promotes appetite for healthy and natural growth, while ultraviolet rays can also kill bacteria.

Turtle light is to simulate the sunlight in nature, provide a variety of necessary ultraviolet rays including UVA and UVB for the tortoise to bask, and promote the healthy development of the tortoise

But be careful, the lights can only simulate this effect, not exactly the same. Conditional or take out the back is the best choice.

Different types of uv light for turtle

Turtle light bulbs are divided into three categories according to different uses, namely UVA light, tortoise uvb light, and full spectrum light.

UVA Lamps for turtles

1. UVA lamps, in fact, most of the cheap lamps on the market belong to UVA lamps. They only have the effect of heating lighting and promoting the appetite of turtles, but not promoting calcium absorption, and their service life is not long.


①In winter, it is usually used with a heating rod.

The UVA lamp can heat the air and the water surface, and the heating rod heats the water body. In this way, a relatively perfect environment is formed. The turtle will not stretch its head to breathe because the temperature difference is too large to cause diseases such as colds and pneumonia.

②It is recommended that the distance between the lamp and the water surface be about 15-30cm. It should not be too short, as it will easily cause burns to the turtle, and it should not be too long. All the heat will dissipate into the air, and a relatively stable temperature environment cannot be formed.

③The use environment of UVA. The UVA of the turtle is generally used as an excess in the spring and autumn, and the temperature difference will not be too large. It is better to match the UVA in a closed environment. The turtle's incubator is this principle.

Tortoise uvb light

2.Tortoise uvb light: UVB ultraviolet rays can promote the formation of vitamin D, and vitamin D can promote calcium absorption. In other words, Tortoise uvb light has the function of helping turtles "supplement calcium" for turtles.

Therefore, UVB light is a function of calcium supplementation for turtles, not UVA.
UVB does not generate heat, so there is no heating effect, just a simple back tanning effect and light effect


①Tortoise uvb light is suitable for tanning the turtle's back and enhancing the synthesis of vitamins, but it is not suitable for heating in winter, because there is no heat, but it can be used for daily sunbathing.

②UVB lamps can only make up for the defects of raising turtles in the city as much as possible, and cannot fully simulate sunlight. If you want to bask in the back in winter, you must add a UVA lamp, and it is better that the tanning platform is a little underwater.

③The distance of UVB is about 20cm-30cm, and it should not be too forward.​

Full spectrum light for turtles

3. Full spectrum light.

The full-spectrum light is a weakened version of sunlight, but the power is not so strong, and it cannot be fully simulated, but it contains the functions of UVB and UVA lamps, that is: heating, lighting, promoting calcium absorption, promoting Digestion


①Full-spectrum lamps have their own protection measures. If you turn it off, it will take some time to turn it on again, which is also to prolong the life of the bulb.

②When tanning the turtle's back, the full-spectrum light should be farther away from the turtle. Because the UVB in the full spectrum lamp will be much stronger than the ordinary UVB lamp. So at least 30cm, 40.50cm is better.

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③ The quality of a full-spectrum solar lamp should be measured in terms of spectral distribution, decay cycle, and lifespan. If the environment is larger and there is not enough sunlight, full-spectrum lamps are more suitable. If it is only a small environment, you only need UVB lamps for sunbathing. If you want to heat up, add a UVA lamp.

④The common full-spectrum lamps on the market are generally more reliable and have a high price. If you see any full-spectrum in the 20s or 30s, it is not a gimmick but to attract your attention and let you click into the store to browse.

⑤The full spectrum is not equal to UVA+UVB. The UVB of the full spectrum will be much higher than the ordinary UVB. It will also tell you in detail what the distance UVB value looks like.

All above I ve recommend how to choose lights for your turtle,feel free to message us if you have any questions.