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Why Are RGB Lights so Popular Right Now?

Nowadays, most people are willing to choose RGB light bulbs for home decoration because it is cost-effective, energy-saving and can be widely used in our home. Maybe you don't know much about RGB bulbs, but it is worth trying it because it has all the benefits of LED lights in addition to its advantages.

How do RGB light bulbs work?

The imaging principle of RGB light: RGB is an acronym for the colors red, green, and blue. RGB light is based on the three primary colors.

RGB lights have three LED elements in each light, one red, one green, and one blue. When those three colors of lights are combined and used together in a single unit, it’s able to create and display over 16 million color options. On the most basic level by turning the LED elements on and off, you get:

Red = red
Red + Green = yellow
Green = green
Green + Blue = cyan
Blue = blue
Red + Green + Blue = white

By controlling the brightness of each element with 8-bit BACs, you get 256 levels of brightness for each of the Red, Green, and Blue.

Where to put the RGB lights?

Currently, RGB LED lights are mainly used in decorative lights. First, we can decorate the home, and second, we can adjust the atmosphere. Working as mood lighting, RGB lights are great for relaxation in a bedroom. For example, the emission of green light is said to bring a sense of serenity and low stress of calmness while blue light offers the feeling of calmness.

RGB bulbs can also be used in more places, for example: when you need to use a certain band of lights such as car lights, traffic signs, windows, etc., RGB color mixing can be used everywhere you like.

Why you need RGB bulbs?

APP control and Voice control

Through given specific names for each smart bulbs, you could control the smart bulbs by their name to make a voice command freely as your need. That compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Siri.

Multiple scenarios to choose

You can set different scene modes on your phone to match various occasions including kitchen, living room, bedroom. Sensor light bulbs also can be used for a table lamp, cafe, bar, party, etc.

Safe to use

No UV or IR, no lead or mercury. High-quality material with better heat dissipation can save 80% on your electricity bills, which can prolong the lifetime of the light.

Timer and Schedules

Add timers to make the light turn on/off automatically at a preset time.
For example, set the porch light on a daily routine to turn on at 6:00 pm and turn off at 10:00 pm.

Easy installation

Like other household bulbs, it is suitable for very common bulb bases, just like a normal e26 led bulb, it’s very easy to install.

Group Control for Multiple Bulbs

You may create a group for your smart bulbs so you can switch them on and off with just one command, yes, you can control all light bulbs with one click.

With understanding the advantages and uses of RGB, you must be eager to buy a suitable RGB bulb to decorate your home. Here I recommend an excellent RGB smart light bulb. Click to see the details: LOHAS RGB light bulb