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Why & How To Use LED Corn Bulb

LED corn bulb consist of small LED lights that produce intense brightness. When using LED corn bulb, you don't need to replace the entire lighting fixture, only the light source inside the lighting fixture. They are available with E26, E27, E39, and E40 bases. You can use them for many different indoor and outdoor applications. For example, you can use them as street lights, gardens, warehouses, workshops, parking lots, high bays, security lighting, and more.

What are LED corn bulb?

LED corn bulb are named for their appearance, they are components of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on LED lights, and they have square LED wires on all sides of the surface. In addition, they generally have a 360° beam angle, which can illuminate everywhere.

And the core contains individual LED lights, which can vary from 80 to 108 lights. The number of lights depends on the style and size of the bulb. Also, they are designed to replace HID and metal halide bulbs, making them ideal for use in parking lots, street lighting, and high bay lighting.

Why do more and more people choose LED corn bulb?

  1. The use of LED bulbs has increased rapidly in recent years for several reasons. Mainly because they are more energy-efficient than those traditional CFLs/incandescent bulbs/HID/HPS lamps. For example, when a HID and LED are in front of you, how do you choose? There is no doubt that LEDs will be selected. No matter from which perspective, LEDs have the greatest chance of winning. Another reason is that LED corn bulb are easy to install and don't require as many ballasts as traditional light fixtures require.
  1. In addition, as a type of LED light, LED corn bulbs have common advantages with other LED lights, such as long life, energy-saving, etc. Plus, they have lower replacement costs and are more energy-efficient than other bulbs. They are easy to maintain and inexpensive. What attracts people is that their lifespan is 25 years. That's 5 times more than a single light.

    What are the available bases for LED corn bulb?

You can use corn LED lights in most screw-in sockets, there are 2 basic types of LED corn bulb: E26 and E39.

How to install LED corn bulb?

It's as easy as screwing in a light bulb! There are only two things you should pay attention to. First, if the original lamp uses a ballast, you need to short the ballast. Second, make sure the corn light is the right size for the lighting fixture you're trying to install.

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