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LED Light Bulbs for Your Home Garden

Have you ever thought of making a small garden at home to pass your free time? However, the light at home may not be enough for the flowers and plants to grow normally. These problems can be solved one by one with plant lights. With it, your little garden can blossom and bear fruit as scheduled.

Why do we need to use grow lights?

According to common sense, it is difficult to keep plants alive and help them thrive, especially indoors. Although they can be placed in front of a window to absorb sunlight, this method is not sustainable. It is even possible that there is no sunlight near the windows of your house, and you can only irrigate by watering. Plants that lack sufficient light will not be able to photosynthesize.

The plant growth lamp is to solve this shortcoming of indoor planting. It not only provides a variety of light but also has a full spectrum. It can provide high-quality lighting to promote the flourishing development of indoor plants and gardens. In addition, the growth lamp does not emit a lot of heat like ordinary light bulbs, which causes the leaves of indoor plants to be burned.

How to choose the growth lamp that suits you?

1. Size

First of all, you have to determine how many plants you need to grow, and secondly, its placement to ensure that there is enough space to operate.

2. Type

There are many types of grow lights, from hanging ones to tabletops. Usually, the hanging type is suitable for places with larger space, while the desktop type is relatively small and easy to move.

3. Wattage

If it is used indoors, it is recommended to use low wattage, especially for planting herbs. Standard fluorescent bulbs are a weak household light source, but they are great for supplementing natural light for indoor plants or starting seedlings.