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LED Grow Lights For Indoor Cannabis Plants

If you want to grow cannabis plants indoors, but you are worried about not having enough sunlight. At this time, plant growth lights must appear in your home. The technology of growing lights is very advanced, and there are plant growing lights specially produced for growing hemp. It can replace sunlight and provide unlimited power for the germination and growth of plants. We all know that sunlight is one of the sources of fertilizer for plants. Without it, plants cannot grow more soundly.

Three Types Of Indoor Cannabis Grow Light:

1. Fluorescent plant light

It comes in many different shapes and sizes, from twisted bulbs to long tube types, to meet the needs of different growers. Compared to the other models, it is a more popular one, which can provide humans with an efficient and comfortable lighting experience, while using a small amount of electricity. For example, CFL grows lights and T5 plant lights are very suitable for growing cannabis.

2. High-intensity discharge (HID) grow light

HID grow light is more efficient than fluorescent lights, and their bulbs are also extremely large. They are usually installed in the hood so that more light can be reflected on the plants. But it is a bit bad because it can generate a lot of heat; so the bulb will become very hot, then it needs to be taken out and cooled separately.

3. LED grow light

LED grow lights are also very popular among cannabis growers. They operate at a relatively low temperature and also have cooling devices. In addition, their installation is simpler, and they can generally be inserted into the wall and hung on plants. It is more convenient to install than HID grow light and fluorescent light.
1000W LED grow light