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Where to buy e12 bulbs?Searching for e12 bulbs on sale?-E12 bulb shopping guideline

Where to install e12 led bulb?

E12 led light bulbs (commonly referred to as e12 candelabra led bulbs) are usually used in American homes in the bedroom, study, living room and even kitchen to install chandeliers or ceiling fan lights to meet the needs of basic lighting. Different usage standards, for example, in the living room, you may want to use Daylight white E12 led light bulb about 4000k-5000k as the light source of the chandeliers or ceiling fan lights, table lamps (retro); of course, there are also E12 led light bulbs for outdoor use with dusk to dawn The function is generally installed in the wall lamp in the garden or backyard. Generally, E12 led light bulb with waterproof function is required.

Are e12 bulbs dimmable?

E12 bulbs have gone through the process of updating incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and LED lamps. Now they have been developed to have dimmable functions. However, these dimmable e12 led bulbs can only be used on dimmable lamp holders. The chandelier in the living room or dining room.

Are c7 and e12 bulbs the same?

C7 is an American standard ANSI standard, which represents a 7-inch candle light (C is a candle light), which describes a shape, of course, the c7 bulb is e12 base, so in the United States, the two are the same.

Color temperature of e12 led light bulb

Parameters you should know about e12 led light bulb

Start with some basic parameters:

Lumen is a brightness indicator, the higher the value, the brighter the light bulb. For incandescent lamps, the conversion between Lum and Watt is about 10 Lum: 1 Watt, and LED lamps are about 100 Lum: 1 Watt. It can be seen that the efficiency of LED lamps far exceeds that of incandescent lamps, saving 90% of energy consumption.

Kelvin refers to color temperature, which is simply the color of light.

RA Lumen Color temperature

Next is the color rendering index. The higher the value, the better. The index of incandescent lamp is 100. Previously, LED was only 60. The so-called incandescent eye protection is mainly for this reason. Now LED technology is advancing. Some outstanding products are above 90, and the mainstream is 80-85. No matter how low, it really can not be used.
As you may feel from the above chart, the Kelvin index is an important indicator. A high K value is like the sunlight in the daytime, which helps to concentrate and more easily reflects the actual color of the object. A low K value is like the light at sunset, and is softer to help you fall asleep.
Therefore, 4500K-5500K is recommended in the study and kitchen, 2700K or less in the bedroom, and 2500k-4500k in the living room.
As for the table lamp, it is said that there is no gap in technology, mainly due to the difference in shape design. The height is over 40cm, the color temperature is over 4000K, and the brightness is adjustable. It is a rigid standard. The rest must be tried by yourself.