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How to choose dimmable LED bulbs? |LOHAS LED


Benefits of Using Dimmable LED Bulbs

Tips for Choosing The Best Dimmable LED Bulbs

With the development of science and technology, lighting equipment has undergone a radical change. Besides the basic lighting function, there are many other practical features, the most amazing of which is the ability to adjust the brightness. In the past, a light bulb could only emit one brightness, which limited many uses. However, the advent of dimmable light bulbs solves this problem, allowing you to switch between different levels of brightness with just a dimmer switch. Over the years, dimmable LED bulbs have attracted more and more people, perhaps including you. So we write this post to tell you how to choose them properly.

Benefits of Using Dimmable LED Bulbs

The dimmable LED light bulb is the perfect lighting device, which allows you to adjust an ideal lighting intensity as needed. Your surroundings have different brightness throughout the day, and you will have different lighting needs. You may need bright lights to illuminate your kitchen for cooking, or you may need dimmed lights to create a special lighting mood for watching a movie in the living room...All of which can be easily solved with a dimmable LED bulb. Not only that, dimmable LED light bulbs are a great way to save energy. When you dim the lights, you can save 98% of energy, resulting in a 10% reduction in your electricity bill, which works out to about $30 a year in savings. On the other hand, dimmable LED bulbs also last longer. When you dim the lights, the lighting wattage is reduced and less heat is released, thereby reducing the wear and tear of the bulb and extending the service life.

Tips for Choosing The Best Dimmable LED Bulbs

Dimmable lights provide more possibilities, allowing you to find the perfect brightness for the mood you want to set. However, there are various dimmable light bulbs on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best.

First of all, always check that the bulb is dimmable. Not all LED light bulbs are dimmable. If you try to dim a bulb that cannot be dimmed, it may cause the bulb to flicker and even damage the bulb. Usually, the packaging or product description will indicate whether the light bulb is dimmable.

In addition, choose the bulb compatible with your dimmer switch. There are thousands of different dimmable bulbs on the market, but there are only three main dimming methods: main dimming, Dail or DMX. So when choosing a light bulb, check carefully to see if the bulb you buy matches the dimmer switch in your home. The types of dimmer switches that can work with the bulb are usually listed on the packaging or product description.

Last but not least, although the current dimmable light bulbs include LED, incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, it is always recommended to choose LED bulbs instead of the other two. Compared to them, LED light bulbs are more energy-efficient, perform better, and also last longer. LOHAS LED has a wide selection of dimmable bulbs, helping you adjust the light intensity in your home with ease.

By lowering the lighting, you can completely change the atmosphere of the space while using less energy. Though it’s hard to find the best dimmable light bulbs, there are some practical tips that can make things easier. By the way, if you found this post useful, remember to share it with your friends.