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Is Your Succulent Stretching?

Succulents have always been one of the popular choices for indoor cultivation. They have very unique characteristics and do not require much care. However, it does not mean that it does not need care at all. Some succulents will grow in strange directions or even tall, which will distort their appearance. Why do succulents stretch? And is your succulent stretching? Let us learn the following articles to understand the reasons for the expansion of a succulent plant and related solutions.

What causes the succulents to stretch?

Not absorbing enough light is one of the most important reasons for succulents to stretch. It will gradually bend and grow toward a place with a lot of light, and then it will grow higher and higher, and the gap between the leaves will become larger.

Therefore, it is important for the succulents to absorb sufficient light as a whole. Not only does it have to absorb enough, but it also has to be absorbed by every facet. If the chance of sun exposure in your home is not great, then it is recommended that you buy succulent grow lights. There are many different types of grow lights to choose from at the link below.

How to fix succulent stretching?

The most sensible solution to stretching is to move the succulents closer to the window. It is best to leave it outdoors to absorb the sun for several hours. Or, as I said above, buy succulent plant growth lights to help them grow healthily. In addition, you can also replant succulents by cutting.

Before solving the stretching succulent, we need to cut off all the succulents on the top of the succulents. Leave only two inches of leaves, and leave enough stems on the cuttings so that the succulents can be planted.

Leave the cut areas to dry for a few days, and when they look like they are crusted, plant the succulents in the soil and start watering. When the roots of succulents become more and more mature, you can start to reduce the watering of new succulents. Let the succulents grow slowly and healthily.