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6 Tips to Liven up Your Party

The spring is almost here, and the weather turns warmer. And so, people are very enthusiastic in everything, especially planing a party! However, despite our best efforts, our parties may still take a turn for the worst sometimes, like the guests are visibly bored or not having a good time. That's really awkward and uncomfortable, and even a waste of life.

Taking your party from "blah" to memorable and fun is always not so easy, but luckily, simple fixes like turning the music and lightening up the color changing light bulb are easy ways to help you save any dying party. So, to help you liven up your party, we will lay out some tips here. Just follow these great party ideas and YOU'LL NEVER THROW A BORING PARTY AGAIN.

TIPS 1. Come Up With a Theme
OK, so picking a theme for your party sounds a little cliche, but it instantly makes it easier to decide on food, venue, drinks, attire and everything else. Or in one word, a theme gives you a foundation and many opportunities to get originative.

For instance, you can consider planning your party around a TV show that the majority of your party guests are crazy about. Then, everyone comes as their favorite "character" from that show. Also, you can incorporate the theme into all aspects including food, decoration, and party games. Surely, you don't have to make costumes mandatory for everyone, but offer the chance for them to dress up and play a character. Then you'll have instant conversation starters and a party atmosphere once there is some people dressed up.

TIPS 2. Never Throw a Party All by Yourself
Planing a party all by yourself will make you get stressing, as you have to take care of every detail. So, why not recruit your partner, your best friend(s), and even guests to contribute the party? For example, asking your bestie to create a signature cocktail or bake their favorite dessert, which are little party details to add a lot of fun and a pop of color.

TIPS 3. Always Have Good Music Playing
Music sets the mood for everything, and there's nothing that kills a party more than silence. So, if you want to set the perfect tone and energy for any occasion, try to find out the right kind of music from any music apps like Spotify, Radio, iTunes Radio, and Google Play Music etc. before the party. Then, you must keep paying attention to your guests during the party, and change up your playlist until they start to react. Some of your guests might even start to dance or sing along to a certain song or artist, that's how you'll know you've hit the right tunes to turn things around!

TIPS 4. Create Atmospheres with Color Changing Light Bulbs

Mood lighting is a key ingredient in every affair, so this one goes hand in hand with playing music, which both point number one to liven up the party. String these color changing light bulbs overhead and you'll instantly brighten your backyard with over 16 millions colors, which can perfectly fit or shift your guests' mood during the party. Not only that, almost all the color changing light are smart, which allows you to dim them via a tap of the phone or voice, then the dark is mysterious and exciting and your friends are most likely to start dancing.

TIPS 5. Liven Things Up with Games
Do you ever feel that your party needs a little something extra? Maybe you have all the right people over, but still having trouble getting your party goers to talk and interact? Try to plan activities that are easy for everyone to get involved with, such as mix things up with games.

Apart from being loads of fun, games can be a great icebreaker for your party. With tons of game we have, like a board game, a drinking game, or a more interactive game, you have plenty of wonderful options to choose from, and you do not have to stick to the sorts of games you would buy at the store either (although those can be a great time too). Absolutely, getting creative and making up some exciting games of your own is always your best choice.

There are plenty of easy, creative options that can lead to great fun. To take the murder mystery game for instance, in this game you can write the names of celebrities or historical figures on a note card and have guests tape them to their foreheads, where people pretend to drop dead throughout the party, and the surviving guests have to figure out who the killer was. Make sure the guests do not see their own names - it is up to them to figure out their identity for the night, based on clues given by the other guests!

TIPS 6. Give out Award for The Winner

Before starting the game, you could threw a little stunt like you have prepare a meaningful gift for the winner of the game, which will perfectly let some of your guests get more involved into the game. Apart from that, giving out award at the end of the party will also have your guest stayed until the party is over. After that, it is also a great time and place for you to show appreciation for your guest and give them a chance to say good bye to everyone.

Making your guests living through a boring party is like watching a really bad movie, so you must get some helpful tips to liven up your party while pleasing all your guests. Then, with these 6 easy tips we have laid out in the post, you all will absolutely make your next, and hopefully, all your future parties memorable and fun!