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Why Is My Succulent Turning Brown?

Succulents have now become a relatively popular plant species for indoor plant cultivation. There are species that can bloom, and some do not bloom at all but can play a role in purifying the air. Generally speaking, they are known for their low maintenance and high survival rate under dry conditions, but this does not mean that they will not get sick. Many people will encounter such a problem, why is my succulent turning brown? Don't worry too much, as long as you use the right care method, the succulents can develop healthily.

Several characteristics of Succulent leaves turning brown:

1. Succulents sunburn

When you find that your succulents have many brown spots, this is caused by sunburn. However, this situation only occurs with succulents grown outdoors or on porches.

In this situation, we can transplant succulents into new pots and place them in a cool place to grow.

2. Insufficient watering

We can check whether the leaves appear brown at close range. Generally, dry and withered leaves will have yellow and brown pigmentation. This is caused by insufficient watering.

When encountering this kind of problem, we can water the succulent plants every once in a while. Reduce the problem as much as possible. Succulents need to get enough water to grow before they become serious enough to shed their leaves.

3. Excessive watering

Due to the wide variety of succulents, not all types like to absorb water. If you plant a succulent plant that does not like water, too much watering will only make it brown and show translucent mushy leaves.

At this time, you need to adjust your watering habits and try to water as little as possible, so that the plants can restore their previous vitality.

The best solution: Buy succulent grow lights

Succulents growing outside for a long time are easy to be sunburned, but indoors cannot give it enough light, so you can choose to invest in a plant growth light for your succulents. Grow lights can provide some extra light to your plants and help accelerate their growth.