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The most valuable goods on Black Friday

This Friday,Nov 24th,which is usaually called Black Friday,what would you shop on Amazon or any other shopping website?Would u buy something for celebration or decoration for Christmas?

As for me,I do consider BF as an opportunity of hoarding goods,cause everything is on sale then,and really price-lower than usual and good as us usual.But what to buy,although on sale,u cannot afford to buy things those are all on sale,so plan is in need,then we need to consider how to order a biggest amount of product with the limited money.
So we'd better buy something that current in need or durable goods,or u would be in trouble with expired product here and there.

Top most valuable goods
1.Christmas Celebration Product or Decoration Materials.
Cause Chirstmas is near,and the requirement of decoration materials such as stringlights(to hang on the Christmas trees for decortions) or color bulbs and even the warmwhite nightlight.Actually,the most in need is the Santa Claus Costumes,Christmas Hat and so on.And then comes to the dinner,what to prepare for dinner?Food is primarity,and then candles,and if u are afraid that it would cause a fire danger then u can buy a candle light bulb as a replacement.

2.Warm Clothes and any other keep-warm product
It is winter now,nobody want to be “old-fashion” and wear old clothing,no matter how we need several pairs of new clothes and clothing sellers would also take advantage of this opportunity and cut off price on one's best on Black Friday to appeal as many as possible audiences to their new release.

3. Bed Desk
If your house do not equip a heating system,then u may need one for working on bed with quilt covered.

4.Masks for keeping warm
To protect your face from hurting by the cold wind,u mind need one with cotton inside which can also protect your breathing system.

To be continued....