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About Us

As climate change started to draw more and more attention, countries are increasingly publish strategies and policies addressing global warming. In the winter of 2011, two engineers who concerned a lot about the environment, were discussing about the future and wondering what they could do to improve the world and pass it on the next generations. And that's when they heard the song sing: “There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.”

They believe that environment is important, so is lighting in everyone's life. But at that time, people were still using a lot of standard bulbs like incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, which have shorter lifespan and consume more money. And to many of them, it seemed that they did not have any other options. Even if they did, they might not go for it just because it would cost a lot. For that, they decided to enter the LED lighting industry, hoping that through changing the function and design of lighting, they would vivify people's lives and galvanize people to have a healthier, happier and more sustainable life style.

After years of preparation and refining, they launched the brand Lohas LED. In accordance with the principles of health, environmental protection and sustainable operation, through exploring the enormous potential of lighting, Lohas has applied itself to develop various high-efficient and energy-saving lighting products. Meanwhile, Lohas has cooperated with Philip, the leader in the industry, to learn and exchange technologies to improve the design of the lighting as well as the quality. As a result, the product range covers globe bulb, candle bulb, night light, downlight, outdoor solar light, as well as other indoor and outdoor LED lights. Lohas is determined to create a better ambience for your life every day and everywhere.

Smart Bulbs in IoT

At the end of 2015, the first batch of Lohas smart bulbs got on the shelf of Amazon in the US, making Lohas one of the first smart bulb suppliers. Since then, Lohas has continuously collected the reviews and opinions from the customers and actively participated in the development of IoT home designs. Over these years, we have made breakthroughs and managed to get the certificate of WWA (Work with Alexa). Our bulbs are now ready to connect with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Siri. Thanks to the high customer satisfaction, Lohas LED won the award of "Amazon Innovator Sellers" at the Amazon Summit of 2018 and got on the list of Forbes 100 companies in AloT in 2019.

Night Light for Homely Life
To better suit the shifts of scenes and occasions, customers have different demands when it comes to night lights. To meet these developing demands, we have made some improvements to the plug-in night lights. With the new-added dimming switch and built-in photocell chips, you can custom your own Lohas night light by adjusting the brightness and light sensibility to keep you from darkness and ensure the security during the night.

Vintage in Modern Home

Vintage Fashion has prevailed not only in the clothing industry, but also in the home design and home decor industry. With the rise of the fashion, customers use more and more vintage style lightings to decorate their homes. Lohas looks to make this "old fashion" last even longer. by replacing the halogen bulbs with our LED light bulbs. Now you can enjoy your cozy home style without worrying the increase of electricity bills, not to mention it's good for the environment.

Vision and Expectations

Towards the goal "where there is a light, there is a Lohas", we are committed to making better, more convenient, and securer lightings for everyone everywhere in the world. And your satisfactions are our motivations. We are looking forward to presenting a better Lohas.