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Do You Need a Night Light

Without causing the eyestrain, night lights can alleviate fears of the dark while preventing you tripping down stairs or over objects at dark night, which is completely safe for children or old adults. However, not everyone wants, or needs, a night-light in his room. If you have already done plan to get a night-light in your room, you'd better check out this post at first, as it contains all the things you should know about night lights before your purchase.

What is a night light?
What does a night light do?
How much does it cost to leave night light on all night?
Is it harmful to leave a night light on during sleep?
Who should have a night light?
How to select the night light that are really good for us?

What is a night light?

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Like its name suggests, a night light is the light to leave on at night and deigned to illuminate a room with a soft glow that is not so bright that would prevents sleep. And they are small, low-powered electrical light sources placed for creating a sense of security in indoor areas that become dark at night.

What does a night light do?

Night lights are the good companion at night. They guide you on your nighttime trips to the bathroom; comfort those who are afraid of the dark; and allow you to easily locate anything you want in the dark. Thus, night lights enable you to see at night via emitting the glow that is just bright enough to help you avoid the risk of falling and collision in the darkness, and that's what they really work for. Sometimes, nightlights may also be used to mark an emergency exit.

How much does it cost to leave night light on all night?

According to the formula of calculating the energy cost of lighting - Energy Cost of Lighting Daily= Total Watts*Hours On per Day*Energy Cost ($/kWhr), the answer to how much it will cost if you leave a night light all night depends on the watt of the night light and how long you left it on. For LOHAS Dimmable Dusk to Dawn Night Light, let's see how much it would cost via assuming that we leave them on for 10 hours.

Note: Here we will take the average $0.12/KWHr in US in the calculation. Then, unlike the dusk to dawn bulb without a switch to turn off, LOHAS dimmable dusk to dawn night light has a switch for you to adjust its brightness, and you can turn it off via dimming them to 0lm.

LOHAS Dimmable Dusk to Dawn Night Light Cost Daily= 1W * 10H * $0.12/KWHr = $ 1.2

As the data shows, leaving LOHAS night light on all night only cost $1.2 daily. They are inexpensive but a good helper to prevent trips, falls and tumbles down the stairs until the sun comes up.

Is it harmful to leave a night light on during sleep?

As we know, light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that naturally promotes sleep. And the brain can detect light through your eyelids then stop producing melatonin even thought you doze off, which seems that having a night light left on all night may do harm to our sleep and even health in any way.

But as a matter of fact, if you choosing a suitable night light and use them correctly, they won't have a huge impact on your ability to sleep well at night. But if you are not so instinctively afraid of the dark and think that sleep is a lot more about quality than quantity, night light is not necessary for you. So, not everyone need a night light since keeping his room as dark as possible really is best. And that's why we made this post here, showing you whether you should purchase night light or not.

Who should have a night light?

Night lights is the important safety measure for whom afraid of dark, making them calmer or less anxious at night. Also, they may be used to avoid any collision or fall at darkness either, which shows night light suits those with bad eyesight at night, especially for the older adults. Or if you are the parent who want to sneak in and check on the baby without disturbing him or her, night light is also the best choice for you.

How to select the night light that are really good for us?

As what we mentioned above, night lights won't have a huge impact on your ability to sleep well at night when you choosing a suitable one and using it correctly.

Firstly, you should pay attention to the location of the electrical sockets in relation to your bed. That's because if the power outlet is too far away or too close from the bed then the light may be either too dim or too bright for you. All you need to do is to take a look at the layout of your room before purchase and then to place the night light at a more comfortable distance to you bed.

Then, check out the night light shopping tips below to choose the one that is perfect for you.

The color of the night light

Don't you know? The color of light that the night light emits may have an effect on the quality of your sleep through the night. For example, if your night light give off the blue light, you may find it more difficult to fall asleep as it's like a stimulant that actually boosts attention and reaction times. Remember, white night lights is also listed on the blue light category.

So, what color night light is best for sleep? The answer must be the red or orange one, since they are the same colors that feature prominently in the twilight of sunset, and that's how nature tell you to get ready for bed.

The brightness of the night light

Brightness is always the most important factor in determining which night light you should get. A night light should illuminate the room with soft, ambient light, but not light it up with the brightness of a thousand suns as the bright light will lead to the restless, broken sleep. Surely, a night light that is dimmable is always the most-recommended, since you can adjust its brightness according to your preference!

All in all, nightlights are used for comfort the people who're afraid of dark and increase the sense of safety via avoiding any collisions or falls at the darkness. But before your purchasing and using night lights, there are various things you should take into consideration. Hope this post will help you a little bit.