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Magnetic lamp | Interpretation of home application

Magnetic suction lamp is a new type of combined track lighting fixture. Through the track pre-buried, no cumbersome tools are needed in the later stage, and the lamp module is directly nested. It also supports the combination of linear lamps and track lamps. In the home application, the magnetic suction lamp has the characteristics of simplicity and beauty, especially, it is flexible and convenient in installation and adjustment.

The flexible and convenient installation and adjustment gives the occupants a space for secondary creation of indoor lighting. At the same time, the magnetic attraction lamp comes with magnetic absorption, which is an easy-to-perceive technological element, which makes the home design more advanced and unique.

A better home space is to let you make more creative expressions in a more free form.

Magnetic suction lamps are commonly used in three sizes, namely engineering models, compact models and mini models. Mini and compact magnetic suction lamps are generally used in home improvement, while commercial lighting generally adopts engineering models. The specific choice is based on the height of the floor.

The appearance of the magnetic attraction lamp is currently available in black and white. No matter what style it is, it can be matched. The simple style that is popular today is the best choice.

There are various styles of magnetic lamp caps, and there is always one that suits your aesthetic.

Magnetic lights can also be equipped with intelligent lighting systems to achieve group settings, adjustable temperature, adjustable brightness, wireless control, energy-saving management, scene simulation, etc., with personal habits, to create a customized lighting system.