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How to choose the lighting angle when buying spotlights for main lighting?

The main lighting is definitely a trend in the design of home lighting. On the one hand, most commercial buildings are now limited in height, and large chandeliers are installed, the space is depressed, and the lights are not easy to clean.

In addition, it is really not easy to choose a good-looking chandelier that can be matched with furniture, and it is easy for the celebrity to "hit the lamp".

Therefore, many people choose to have no main light, which can produce light effects and can show individual needs. The essence of the main lamp is scattered lighting, the most used is the spotlight. Today I will talk to you about how to choose the right spotlight.

1. The difference between spotlights and downlights

What are downlights and spotlights? Downlight Downlight, Spotlight Spotlight, from the definition can be seen that the biggest difference between downlights and spotlights is the dispersion of light. For a detailed analysis of downlights, you can see the previous article "Raiders for Buying Lights in New House Decoration: How to Use Downlights"

2. What is the beam angle

Definition of CIE International Lighting Commission and China National Standard GB: on the plane where the beam axis is located, the central point passing through the front of the lamp is the axis, and the angle of the area where the peak central light intensity is 50% .

It can be understood as simple, the beam angle is the shape of the light emitted by the lamp.

3. Lighting effects with different beam angles

Since the spotlights are angled, what is the effect of different angles of light? Common beam angles are 15 degrees, 24 degrees, and 36 degrees. The rare ones on the market are 6 degrees, 8 degrees, 10 degrees, 12 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees, as well as polarized light angles.

4. How to choose beam angle of spotlight

After understanding the beam angle of the spotlight, as the main character of the lighting without the main lamp: the spotlight, how should we choose the right angle to match?

Explained by the common beam angles (15 degrees, 24 degrees, and 36 degrees) of houses, thinking about what role this lamp plays in the space? Basic lighting? Focus lighting? Wash the wall? Wipe the wall? Pictures? According to artwork? Fill light? Further, what kind of lighting atmosphere does the space want? Tongliang soft type? Rich in light and shadow levels? Is there a key type in the light? According to the desired effect, to choose the appropriate beam angle.

Tips 1 What angle of spotlight should I choose for the background painting on the sofa?

The paintings with light performance seem to have the ability to tell, and the paintings at home need to be illuminated with spotlights. How to choose the right spotlights for art paintings? Taking the background wall of a sofa as an example, the size of the painting is related to the length of the sofa, the blank space on the wall, and the decorative style.

The overall length of the general painting is based on 2/3 of the sofa. For example, if the sofa in your home is 2.5 meters, the overall length of the painting should be 1.8 meters. If it is a triptych, the distance between each drawing center is about 80cm. Spotlights Arrangement should be 80cm interval, so as to achieve the best illumination effect; if it is a single picture, then spotlight arrangement is 60cm interval

Tips 2 The top of the side is very narrow, the spotlight is close to the wall, what angle of spotlight to choose?

When we were doing lighting design, we encountered a lot of spotlights mounted on top of very narrow four sides. The distance between the lights and the wall was less than 10cm. If this kind of wall-mounted lamp is not selected properly, it is easy to expose partially and the photos are not good. Generally, if the conditions are limited, the lamp is very close to the wall. In this case, the rescue method is to choose a wide beam angle (> 40 °), and then the lamp opening is as small as possible.

Tips 3 Highlight the coffee table and dining table, what angle of spotlight to choose?

Spotlights are easy to use because they control the light and are used by me. To make an object the focal point in a space, perhaps only a beam of light is needed. First of all, we have to understand the effective range of the beam angle from a certain height to reach the ground, so that we can easily match it.

1. The principle of collocation of the overall space lighting angle

If you want a space with a good lighting atmosphere, it is not possible to rely on a single beam angle. We can configure the residential lighting according to 5: 3: 1, 5 36 degrees + 3 24 degrees + 1 15 degrees, still white The only way to do this is to make the lighting effect not bad.

Okay, do you have a certain concept for the choice of the beam angle of the spotlight in the main lighting? If you still have no confidence in the overall effect, you can leave it to us to design and configure the optimal lighting plan for you.