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How to choose the best strip lights for your home?
As we learn more about home design, it becomes more obvious that lighting is playing an important role in every zone with a certain ambience or function. Whether you’re simply decorating your home, renovating a store or even a building, an elaborated lighting plan will be an icing on the cake. Among many types of lamps and lights, LED strip lights are essential ingredients for home design.

Advantages of strip lights

The most obvious advantage of strip lights is that they have unlimited uses. LED strip light allows you to be as creative as you would like to be with your lighting plan because the light is flexible and can be cut to the desired length. You can install it in almost any objects and into any shapes. Secondly, LED strip light has a higher CRI (color rendering index) and a controllable color temperature. Generally, LED strip lights can serve any zone with almost any lighting requirements. Third, LED strip light has a smaller size and is safe to use and this is why many varieties of strip lights can be developed to tailor different needs. For instance, there are color changing LED strip light, dimmable LED strip light, led strip lights with app control, etc.

Classification of strip lights

Since there are many types of strip lights, it is not easy to buy the best light for your home. To choose the suitable strip light, we’d better make clear what so many kinds of strip lights are used for.

LED strip lights can be generally divided into two voltage categories - high voltage (110 volt or greater) and low voltage (24 volt or below). The power of the high-voltage strip light will be high and thus it’s dangerous to use; low-voltage strip light has a thin substrate and weak over current capability, thus it is not able to undertake current for a long run, and thus its limited-length is usually designed to 5 meters. Correspondingly, the application of the two strip lights are different. If you need longer runs, higher voltage strips are the way to go. Low-voltage strip light which most commonly operates on 12 volts of direct current are more widely used because it’s convenient and safer. It can be attached in narrow places like bookcases, showcase wardrobes, etc.

LED strip light can be also classified into two categories by PCB material. One is flexible LED strip light. The other is rigid LED strip light. The difference between a flexible strip light and a rigid strip light is that their substrate materials are different. The flexible strip is installed on plastic PVC or FPC, it can be bent and the price is cheap. The rigid one is installed on the circuit board and PCB circuit board, which is easier to fix but not bendable and the price is slightly expensive.

The best strip lights for you

To choose the strip light that suits you best, now you just need to clear your needs!
If you need to renovate zones like a corridor, you can use rigid LED strip light. They are easier to fix, and can be installed above the corridor to avoid risks. Arranging the strip lights in a regular manner not only makes the zone look more in-depth, but brings people infinite surprise and imaginations.

If you need to decorate your home, low-voltage flexible strip light would be the best choice. For example, decorating your living room with a 12 volt dimmable led strip light, an auto SYNC strip light or a multicolored LED strip light, you can create several ambience and styles at home by changing colors. Isn’t it wonderful to turn your living room into a perfect party by changing the light colors?

If you want a considerate helper for you at night. An automated led strip light for bedrooms is the way to go. Concealing it on the bottom side of your bed, when you get out of bed at midnight, the strip light will automatically on and make your night safer.

And don’t forget outdoor decoration: running a waterproof led light strip on the edges of your stairs is the easiest way to create an evenly lighted space for both lighting your way and decorating your home at night.

If you are not sure where to get your best LED strip lights, Lohas LED is always here for you. With our wide range of LED lights, you will find what you need for your lighting plan!