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LED Grow Lights: Take Your Gardening to the Next Level

Why do grow lights appear?

If the light in your home is very poor or sometimes there is no sunlight coming in at all, you cant plant flowers and plants at this time. The reason is simple. If the plant loses the sunlight, it will die soon. Although some plants can adapt to lower light to survive, they don't absorb a lot of nutrients; they are very susceptible to pests and diseases.

Grow lights can help you grow seedlings indoors. They will not emit high heat like fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs and cause seedlings to die. There are many types of them, some can be placed directly on the table, some may need to be set up on a shelf, or even hung somewhere. They can emit light similar to sunlight to photosynthesize plants.

LED Grow Light VS CFL Grow Light

When we search for growth bulbs, we can always see these two words.

LED grow light:

It is a growth bulb formed by combining LED technology, and it is also the most energy-efficient one. At the same time, it is also the favorite light bulb for everyone who likes indoor planting. Even if it works for a long time, it can maintain its original efficiency. However, its initial cost may be higher than the other one.

CFL grow light:

This type of bulb can generate relatively little heat and is also the best choice for plant cultivation. The difference between it and the LED growth bulb lies in the use of the environment and the difference in heat generation.

Types of growing light bulb sockets

Growing bulbs have several different sockets, and it is necessary to be familiar with their sockets and bases before buying. For example

1. E12: It is usually used for the smallest screw base of the bulb, which is more suitable for cloning or seedlings.

2. E26: This is the standard size of the bulb socket. In addition to being used for planting, it can also be used for household lighting.

3. E39: This comparison is suitable for planting bulbs that require strong output.