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How close should grow lights be to plants?

In many cases, most growers ignore the distance of light placement or often adjust its placement. Cause plants to grow unhealthy crops, or plants have many difficult-to-solve problems. As a result, the usefulness of the growth light for plants is no longer good. If you don’t use the right method to let the plants feel the benefits of the grow light, then the grow light will be bought for nothing. Reading this article carefully will allow you to learn a lot about how close should grow lights be to plants.

How close should LED grow lights be to plants?

In each stage of plant growth, the distance between the growth lamp and the plant is not too ruled. Plant growth lamps manufactured by different vendors have different structures, and some details need to be considered to get a good distance between the plants and the lamp. Only in this way can plants grow healthily.

In addition, assuming that your growing light can be dimmed, you can use dimming to adjust the light intensity on the surface of the plant. If your grow light cannot be dimmed, the only way to change the light intensity is its placement and hanging height.

Position of the grow lights at the seedling stage:

Generally speaking, the minimum intensity and maximum distance between the canopy and the light are required for plants in the seedling stage. You can use the high-intensity light to illuminate the plant to promote its rapid growth. This may be more conducive to their growth.

Position of the grow lights in the growth stage:

When the plant is in the growth stage if you want the LED light to be closer to the plant. For example, if you are growing vegetables, you only need about half of the luminosity required when they bloom. This means that you need about twice the suspension height.

Position of the grow lights at the flowering stage:

In the civilized stage, you need to slowly increase the intensity of the growth lamp or reduce the distance of the hanging height until it reaches the best brightness to make it bloom better.