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Difference Between GU10 LED and GU10 Halogen|LOHAS LED

One of the frequently asked questions of GU10 LED bulb is that why it is becoming the mainstream in the spotlight and downlight market? Replacing halogen or incandescent bulb with an LED one brings you many benefits.

Here we will tell you why GU10 LED bulbs outweigh GU10 halogen in the following aspects:

(1)GU 10 LED has a much longer lifespan

(2)GU10 LED is more Eco-friendly

(3)GU10 LED is more economical

(4)GU10 LED is multifunctional

GU 10 LED has a much longer lifespan

The lifespan of a halogen bulb is highly related to light efficiency. A high light-efficient GU10 halogen has a shorter life. The average lifespan of a common GU10 halogen is about 500 hours. If you would like to get a durable GU10 halogen of a 2,000 hours lifespan, you need to consider a compromise in light efficiency.
While LEDs works differently compared with a halogen and elements affecting their life also differ. The life of a GU10 LED bulb depends on the diode itself. Basically, LEDs have a life of about 50,000 hours which is much longer than the durable halogen. But heat will affect the life of the diode. To ensure a long lifespan, heat dissipation is another thing to work with.

GU10 LED is more Eco-friendly

Halogen was once used widely in kitchen, living room and restaurant before some countries decide to replace halogen with LED bulbs. Reasons are obvious. LED bulbs are far more energy saving. Stop using halogen bulbs will reduce carbon emission. Research shows that a halogen bulb consumes 5 times of the energy that an LED bulb. More importantly, halogen’s short life makes you need to replace it with a new one, while an LED bulb will last 10 to 15 years, saving the cost of materials.

GU10 LED is more economical

Though LED GU10 bulbs sound far more better than GU10 halogen, they are a bit expensive due to complicated technology. But considering in the long run, an LED GU10 bulbs will save your money that you would need to pay to replace the halogen ones when they reach their 500 hours life.

GU10 LED is multifunctional

A GU10 halogen bulb creates too much heat and that fails it to have more function except producing light. While GU10 LED bulb works differently which enables it to be multifunctional with modern technology. As an example, LOHAS LED multicolored remote control GU10 light bulbs provide multiple colors in the rainbow mode to meet different needs. The clear remote control makes it easier to control the light. Simply press on the button, and you will get the lovely light.

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