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Knowledge Of IP 65 Outdoor Solar Lighting

When we are purchasing an outdoor solar light, we must consider its protection level in addition to other requirements such as the installation location. Each light has a different level, how much do you know about the protection level? Today, I will popularize relevant knowledge for you, focusing on the IP65 level.

The importance of IP rating:

Everyone knows that water and electricity are difficult to coexist. Everyone knows that the two can easily produce fatal electric shocks. This is why it is necessary to wipe off the moisture on the surface when you use electrical appliances for life. Over time, the birth of waterproof lighting is the best way to solve this problem.

Different IP grades, its protection ability will also be very different, the most common outdoor solar lights on the market are IP65, such as LED street lights and LED floodlights.

Knowledge of IP65 rating:

The IP rating is used to measure the protection ability of an LED lamp against liquid and solid objects so that it is convenient for everyone to choose according to actual needs. IP65 is a relatively common flood lamp, they can bring maximum protection and resistance to the lamp, not only suitable for home but also can be used in business.

The garden outside our home is very suitable for buying this type of solar light. It can provide comprehensive protection against foreign objects and water jets, will not cause any damage to the LED light, and is well resistant to wind and rain.

IP67 VS IP65

Many people may have such suspicions. Isn't it true that the higher the index, the stronger the protection? This is indeed a fact, but it should be selected according to the actual situation.

The difference between the two index levels is not that big. Most of the lamps with IP65 levels are used for protection against extreme weather, while IP67 is the opposite, which is more suitable for protection against strong liquid intrusion. This is why IP65 is more suitable for home use. It is rare to encounter the invasion of non-extreme whether in daily life, so it is enough to use this level of lighting.