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Sincerely,Lohas smart bulbs release on November 23, 2016,that is about 1 year ago,aiming at provide a much more convenient, more useful ,longer rated life and smarter led bulb for loyal fans.
Lohasled Smart Led Bulb 9W 2000K-9000K E26 A19
It is a product of creation and was given birth to after comprehensive survey.Philips brought out its Hue Bloom Smart light in early 2013,it is really a nice product and then in 2016 another smart light put out,but still hue in need.As proularization of smart device,Instead,Lohas smart bulbs came out with no hue required,no high price and not any special conditions,u can start ur smart life with just download an app,install the light and then Alexa or Google Home stands by to serve for u.
Totally,this smart led bulbs provide these new features:
  1. Back home from work with a bright house.Remote control with your iphone or any smart phoneAndroid 4.1 above or IOS 8.0 above,u will not worry about finding the light switch in dark.
  2. Control with a word.Just shout out “Alexaturn on/off the light”and u can make it.Imaging that u are in the bed or get up in deep night,this bulb do give u a hand.
  3. Multi-colored bring multi-funcitoned.This led bulb get 16 million colors from 2000K to 9000K,u can not only read but also decor the house for any celebraitions,such as Halloween,to put it in a pumpkin,tone the color remotely creating a fantasy atmosphere,or Christmas,and so on