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What is stepless dimming? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Stepless dimming is for step dimming. Then first figure out what step adjustment is. Many manufacturers do 3-step dimming or 4-step dimming. Press the wall switch or APP LED light. The change of the brightness or color temperature is segmented dimming. The segmented dimming presets the lamp beads of several power levels or several color temperature ranges, which can be adjusted by internal switching. We mainly talk about stepless dimming, which changes the brightness by linearly adjusting the current on the LED, and this current is basically controlled by constant current. Advantages: You can change the brightness without turning off the lights; you can also change the color temperature without turning off the lights, such as from warm colors 2700K to cold colors 6500K, cool colors in summer, warm colors in winter; energy saving and environmental protection, not Need to maintain maximum power for a long time and consume energy; longer life, life depends on the temperature of the power supply and the lamp bead, when the brightness is lowered, the temperature of the shortest board devices such as electrolytic capacitors or LED nodes will drop, so the life can be substantial Provided; Disadvantages: Be sure to find a disadvantage that when the current of the LED changes, its color point will drift, this is because the temperature of the LED will be different at different brightness, and its position on the color coordinate will change because of the temperature Strictly speaking, this small change will cause the color of the illuminated object to change slightly, but it is almost impossible for the average user to see the difference. Only the instrument can test it.
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