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Knowledge Of CFL Grow Lights

Everyone who loves planting has some tools especially prepared for planting at home, such as various seeds, shovels, and grow lights. The most popular grow light is the CFL style, which is favored by a large number of gardeners to grow plants indoors. It also has many features that other models of plant growth lamps do not have, such as ease of use, high availability, low heat, and low cost.

What is CFL grow lights?

CFL means "compact fluorescent lamp", which is a fluorescent bulb installed in a standard bulb socket. It can produce light that is very similar to incandescent lamps, but it does not require too much heat and is particularly energy-saving.

Why use CFL grow lights?

For beginners and planting amateurs, CFL is very suitable for them. Whether in terms of saving money or energy-saving, it fits your mind very well. Compared with the previous days, electricity bills are the most troublesome thing for indoor planting. It can be used alone for the entire growth stage of various plants, and can also be used in combination with other lights.

The advantages and disadvantages of CFL grow lights


1. Produces less heat and can work close to plants
2. Suitable for use in small spaces
3. Long work duration
4. Easy to use, can be plugged into a traditional socket
5. Economical


1. No LED or HID high efficiency
2. Not suitable for large-scale planting
3. The service life is not as long as the LED
4. Can't emit full spectrum like LED


CFL grow light is more suitable for beginners and people who don't want to spend high-cost tools. It is especially suitable for growing vegetables, herbs, seedlings and fruits, etc., which can bring them rapid growth. Of course, if you want your plants to grow better, you can also use them with other bulbs for better results.

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