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Have you ever encountered any situation like this?

- Coming dark outside, you are slumping on the couch, watching tempting TV programs, and you even bother getting off the couch to turn on your light to make your rooms bright.

“Oh, the switches are too far away!”

So, why don’t you light up your room with your voice?
You may ask, how to do that!?
Be eased, LOHAS smart bulbs can work!

LOHAS smart bulbs work with Amazon Alexa and the Google Home to control your lights with your voice.

Hey Alexa!

“Turn on kitchen lights”
“Turn off Desk light”
“Turn on all the lights”
“Dim the lights”
“Set the kitchen lights to 70%”
“Dim the Desk light by 17%
“Turn on the hallway light”
“Dim the living room to 20%”
“Set the living room to warm white”
“Make the living room gold”
“Turn the desk lamp to cool white”

Hey Google!

“Dim the living room lamps”
“Dim the lights in the living room”
“Is the light on in Adam’s bathroom?”
“Turn on the lights”
“Are the lights on in the kitchen?”
“Turn on the lights in the bathroom”
“Is the light on in Mary’s playroom?”
“Are the lights on in the
kid's bedroom?”
“Turn off the master
bedroom lamps”
“Is the light on in John’s office?”
“Turn on my Sofa lamp”
“Turn of my Reading lamp”
“Dim my Bedside lamp”
“Dim my Bedside lamp to 90%”
“Set my Cooking lamp to orange”

Enjoy your life!