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How can you use the LOHAS LED smart bulb from Google home?

Nowadays each and everything is being mobilized by the same token bulbs are grown smarter potentially. The smart bulb is a facility which can give you relief from hectic traditional lightening style. It is a modern and mobilized way.
It is more convenient and reasonable because of less hectic, also you can control within a minute with a few taps. It is a privilege given to make your work or daily routine process easy and, cozier. You can control it through your mobile phone and tabs.
However, it has better consistency than traditional bulb it uses less energy and will give you better coverage so while using it. On the other hand, you are saving your money in long-term. Simply if you want to upgrade the ostentatious look of your house and want the best coverage you must use it.
Its exclusive features:
It has many features which increase its credibility. There are its certain features which can explicitly point out why it is so credible and efficient.
  1. Most of the bulb can be scheduled according to your timing and choice
  2. It offers you a privilege of interactivity you can control them remotely unlike a traditional bulb
  3. It is easy to use you can control it through taps, mobile and I-pad.
  4. Some bulbs are connected with GPS they help you to point out the certain destination and automatically will turn off when you reach a certain location
  5. Smart bulbs are of different colors which work as a trigger for your mood
  6. You can as well control them through your voice.
These features explicitly point out its worthiness.

How can you connect the bulb to Google?

You can also connect with Google home just makes sure you have working WiFi connection. After checking WiFi connection you need to open a smart home for your smart-phones. On your home app click the button menu on the left side or corner. Then tap home control and press the + button at the bottom to add a new device. After adding a new device you need to select the type of the device.
After selecting the device of your choice there must be some instruction regarding the device that you have chosen. Then you have to click the pair button and you will be notified when pairing is completed. Then there must be the range of services and you must choose them according to your need. Whether you want floor lamp couch lamp etc. the Google home will give you some commands tap, yes to show that you have comprehended all the suggestions. On the smart home of your smart phone, all the devices will be listed that you have chosen or created. After that, you can use it and enjoy the services.

After connecting with Google you can control it all together:

Now you can control multi-colored bulb lights and efficient lights on your phones and tabs. You can as well control the individual lights or groups lights it is a facility given by you by the smart bulb. You can control the lights according to your mood. It also has a memory function that you can as well handle the previous setting.
It can be set according to the location. You have many facilities after connecting the bulb from Google home you must have it to enjoy these services. It is important because it works for you even when you are not there.