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How To Prune A Succulent?

The method of pruning succulents is actually very easy. If you don't often need to use succulents for other things, then pruning once a year or two is enough. The thing to remember is that although not all plants need to be pruned, pruning is more good for them than it hurts. So, how to prune a succulent?

What time is best for pruning succulents?

The best time to prune succulents is spring and summer, but early fall is also fine. If your succulents are cracked and spilled during the winter, you must prune them in time instead of waiting until spring.

Reasons for pruning succulents:

There are actually many reasons for pruning succulents, some of which depend on the type and growth of succulents. To put it another way, succulents need to be pruned because their appearance is not beautiful enough, the overall size may need to be controlled, broken or dry stems are removed, to help plants rejuvenate and stimulate plant growth, etc.

Back to the topic, how to prune succulents?

Pruning methods for common succulents:
1. Make a clean cut on the stem first
2. How much to trim depends on your needs
3. Can be trimmed along the nodes of succulents

Pruning method of long-legged succulents:
1. Pruning the leaves close to the base will help stimulate new growth
2. The extra long legs can be cut to breed new ones

Pruning method of dead succulents:
1. You can wait for the flowers on the stem to die before cutting off the stem
2. Cut off the dead leaves

The construction method of hanging succulents:
1. The leaves of hanging succulents grow quickly and often fall to the ground. The length and density of succulents can be controlled by trimming the stems.
2. You can also cut off the dead stems and use them to propagate new succulents.

Pruning succulents is not difficult, just follow the method I gave. This saves a lot of unnecessary steps. Hope everyone can grow healthy succulents.