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Would a bulb just be a bulb?

Let us review the development of the light which means everything for humanbeings at night, drillling wood to get fire,firewood,Kerosene lamp,and finally Edison give birth to Bulb which light up with electricity.By that time,humanbeing get the nightlife in ture sense,but high energy consumption push people to improve bulb in material from tungsten to CFL and now is led,it seems it is good now,but the world always go forward.Surely we’ve got excellent achivement on energy revolution and everything has a new performance.At the same time,techonoloy revolution is also on the way.Actually,any revolution of this world is a liberation of the labor force.
Since from 1946,computer come to world and then internet,phone and traffic,and now we are going to liberate our brain,and AI comes.And llght source around us experience the same revolution,first light for lighting up the surroundings,and then hope for stable lighting,then energy-efficient and now hope for a multi-functional bulb,which can not only light up the room stably,energy-efficiently but also multicolored and even be controlled by voice through Amazon alexa or any others and an app in your smart phone.The bulb can now be controlled remotely,and stability of the control would be improved and surely will be as ordinary as the function of lighting up.So which direction would led bulb technology go?Actually,it decides on what we really need.
Some of my friends always complain to me that even if with an app in a phone and can easily turn off or on the light when outdoors,but it still seems a little troubled to remember to control,it is a little strange to do that.Yes,surely a litte,and u may always forget that point.But AI comes,what if a bulb controlled by AI?It means that your bulb would remember ur living habit,including,when to turn on or off,when to change to a bright scenes or dark one....Those must be fun!