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Everything You Need to Know About The T5 LED Bulb

Looking back at the development history of lamps, the first batch of indoor fluorescent lamps were sold as early as 1930, and incandescent lamps were the standard for indoor lighting in that era. It converts heat into less efficient visible light with a light output of only 14 lumens per watt.

Until after World War II, fluorescent lighting flourished in the United States. In 1970, developments in Europe led to the appearance of the compact fluorescent lamp, the predecessor of the T5 LED lamp as we all know it today. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps work much better.

The oldest fluorescent lamp is the T12, which is about 1.5 inches in diameter and has an output of 60 lumens/watt. It was later replaced by the T8, and the overall work efficiency increased by 33%. Time returns to modern society, T8 has been replaced by T5.

What is a T5 LED bulb?

The spectrum and working efficiency of T5 LED bulbs are very suitable for indoor garden cultivation. Many people in the industry say that this lighting technology is a major change in horticultural lighting.

The T5 LED bulb is a 5/8 inch diameter fluorescent light, its length and pin design differences compared to traditional fluorescent light prevent any problems with circuitry or human factors.

So, what is the difference between T5 and T8 fluorescent bulbs?

Both of them are ambient lighting often used in large commercial areas such as offices. T5 fluorescent bulbs are newer technology than T8. T5 fluorescent bulbs have an efficiency of 100 lm/W, while T8 fluorescent bulbs can achieve a light efficiency of about 90 lm/W.

The two are easy to tell apart, with the T5 fluorescent being more slender and 16mm in diameter. Each port has two pins with a distance of 5mm between the pins. T8 fluorescent lamps are relatively thicker, with a diameter of 26mm and a pin spacing of 13mm between the ends.

In addition, the technology used between them is also different, the technology of T5 is better than that of T8. To sum up, the T5 surpasses the T8 in all aspects.

There is not much difference between the two lamp types in terms of colour rendering performance. Generally speaking, color rendering performance is one of the important indicators for testing light quality. Both of them can reach 85 CRI. But T5 fluorescent lamps only work with electronic ballasts, while T8 fluorescent tubes can work with both mechanical ballasts and electronic ballasts.

Both of them have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours of operation, but T5 fluorescent tubes cannot directly replace T8 fluorescent tubes. In terms of cost, the various technologies used in the T5 will make it twice as expensive as the T8. Combining all of the above, the T5 is the best choice compared to the T8.

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