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Top 3 A19 LED Bulbs to Enhance Your Home's Overall Beauty

Aside of being energy-efficient, ease-of-use and environmental-friendly, LED light bulbs are now featured in multifunctional to make your life easier and enhance home's overall beauty. Typically, LED A19 bulbs are one of the most versatile bulbs that people will go for, as they come with a variety of function and can fit most fixture in U.S.. So in this post, we will show you the definition, benefits and three popular types of A19 LED light bulbs from LOHAS LED.

Intro to A19 LED Bulbs
Benefits of A19 LED Light Bulbs
Top 3 LED A19 Bulbs from LOHAS LED

Intro to A19 LED Bulbs

For almost all North American household, an A19 light bulb is always their first choice as it fits most light fixtures in their home. But what is an a19 bulb? Before going for the best three A19 LED bulbs, let's see what does the term "a19" mean.

According to the bulb naming rule, "A" indicates A-shape while "19" refers to the diameter of the bulbs, that said; a19 bulb refers to the bulb with a pear-like shape that has a diameter of 19 divided by 8 inches. Originally used as incandescent lights with the output ranging from 20-100 Watts, A19 led bulbs were upgraded to more energy-efficient LED alternatives later. Then thanks to their consuming less 90% energy than incandescent or CFL equivalents with the same luminosity, a19 led light bulbs now has become highly popular in home lighting and widely used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, yards, hallways, and more.

Lighting Tips: In general, a19 bulbs must always use e26 base, but not all e26 bulbs will be of a19 shape.

Technical Details Comparison of LOHAS A19 LED Bulbs

color changing light bulb

a19 dusk to dawn light bulb

a19 yellow led bulb

a19 sensor light bulb

a19 led daylight bulb
Price $21.99/2 Pack $25.99/4 Pack $19.99/4 Pack $14.39/2 Pack $29.99/4 Pack
Lumen 450LM 500LM 450LM 950LM 2500LM
(Replacement Watt)
(60W Equivalent)
(40W Equivalent)
(40W Equivalent)
(100W Equivalent)
(150 - 200W Equivalent)
Light Color RGB &
Cool White
Daylight White Orange Yellow Daylight White Daylight White
Color Temperature 2700K-6000K 5000K 2000K 5000K 5000K
Base E26 E26 E26 E26 E26
Key Functions Controlled by Voice and APP Auto Turn ON or OFF Provide sufficient illumination
without attracting bugs
Auto Turn ON or OFF Light comes on instantly
when turned on
Dimmable × × × ×

Benefits of A19 LED Light Bulbs

Why are A19 LED bulbs worthy of gaining a wide application in home lighting? That's because, compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, they enjoy the following distinct advantages:

• Consume 90% less energy but emit the same luminosity.
• Emit less heat.
• Outlast 10 times than incandescent bulbs for advanced lamp shades & led chips.
• Free of lead or mercury for environmental protection.
• Being upgraded amazing functions like remote/voice control, color or brightness adjustment.
• Wider beam angle for omnidrectional lighting.
• Fit most lamps and hanging fixtures in every U.S. household.

Top 3 LED A19 Bulbs from LOHAS LED

Today, more and more household devices come with assorted high-tech functions including access control system, supervision system and intelligent home system. To take led light bulbs for instance, they not only illuminate our home space but also greatly simplify people's lives since they realize the perfect combination of practicality, entertainment and aesthetics. Here, we've listed three best LED A19 bulbs from LOHAS LED that you should not miss:

Dusk to Dawn LED A19 Bulb

With build-in high tech photocell sensor to detect the light, dusk to dawn LED A19 bulb can automatically turn on at dark and off at dawn daily without any manual control. In this case, they are quite perfect for freeing your hands and stopping worrying about your having the lights on all-day. In addition, dusk to dawn sensor a19 bulbs reduce largely energy cost due to the maximum effective electricity utility. Plus, what should be applauded is that it can enhance curb appeal and add extra security to your home when your matching the dusk to dawn light with any outdoor light fixtures like wall lamp, making it also an ideal porch lights option. Available in all types of quality dusk to dawn led A19 bulbs in different brightness(500LM/720LM/920LM/1580LM), color temperatures(3000K/5000K) and power wattage(6W/9W/12W/16W/), there is always the one you need from LOHAS LED.

Smart LED A19 Bulbs

Smart light bulbs perfectly upgrade our home lighting to another level and bring many benefits to our lives. Compatible with home assistant like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google home, Echo, A19 smart LED bulbs allow you to voice-control themselves from anywhere within the sensing distance. So you dont need to leave your bed, sofa or come back home to turn off the light when you hurry to work. Plus, timer setting allows you to activate the light on and off at fixed period is another humanized design for people with constant routine. In an attempt to allow you tailor any atmosphere you can imagine, LOHAS LED do design smart bulbs in various light colors, lumens and color temperatures. Thus, whether you are searching for an white light dimmable smart bulb, color changing light bulb, visit LOHAS LED to find you desired one to paint your home with 16-millions-color and add a touch of romantic, sweet, quite, cheerful, festive or any styles you desire for your daily lighting, parties and celebrations.

Party Decoration LED A19 Bulbs

Apart from the beckoning smart wifi bulbs, some people who often hold parties on holidays or special days are more likely to give priority to colored party decoration bulbs. For your budget, party decoration LED bulbs consume much less energy but still emit the similar brightness as those energy burning bulbs. Plus, coming in assorted colors like blue, pink, red and yellow, colored light bulbs gradually replace the monotonous lights and vivid any party in special days like Christmas. In particular, A19 yellow led bulb is the best choice for both outdoor bug-repelling lighting, thats because aside of acting as a holiday decoration, it can effectively repel mosquitoes or other flying insects as well. With standard E26 bulb base, LOHAS LED A19 colored led bulbs are perfectly match with most elegant fixtures, so you can screw them in any lighting fixture you like with ease.

Now that you may know what does an a19 bulb mean and there are diverse types of A19 LED lights selling on LOHAS LED store. So what are waiting now? Just visit our site to pick up your desired a19 bulb for illuminating and casting pleasant glow in any home space!