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Everything You Need To Know About The T10 LED Bulb

The T10 LED bulbs have the same base as other T-Series bulbs and are all made from the same incandescent filament, only the wattage is different. The more watts a bulb consumes, the brighter it will be. Therefore, T10 LED bulbs incorporate the technology of LEDs and do not get as hot as incandescent bulbs.

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So when we buy bulbs like the T10, you can see that the base is the same. They are made of different materials, plastic and metal instead of glass and wire, but they fit in the same place. I can take an LED bulb and pull out any of the many different part numbers for the T10 - 194, 168, etc - and it will work fine. My T10 LED bulbs don't have different wattages like incandescent bulbs, so it only has one part number.

The difference between the T10 LED bulb and T15

Both T10 and T15 are more suitable for position lights/backup lights and turn lights, "T" in the terminology of this type of bulb means tubular and has no other special meaning.

Both the T10 and T15 use the same socket, and the biggest difference between the two is the size of the bulb. T10 LED bulbs are 0.8 inches long and 0.375 inches in size; T15 LED bulbs are 1.1 inches in size and 0.5 inches in diameter.

T10 LED bulbs are usually used for position lights and indoor lights; while T15 LED bulbs are mostly used as backup lights. T10 LED bulbs can be used with T15 sockets, but T15 LED bulbs cannot be used with T10 sockets.

Summary of differences:

  1. T15 LED bulbs have higher power than T10 and are also brighter than T10.
  1. It can utilize T15 led bulbs, so for some car lights, T10 can't achieve lighting that converts light.
  1. Therefore, when retrofitting LED lights, T10 is suitable for both position lights
    and interior lighting; T15 is used for backup lights, changing lights and brake

    Best Reasons to Use T10 LED Bulbs

1. T10 LED bulbs use LED chips that are brighter than incandescent or halogen bulbs and produce more light. So, with T10 LED bulbs you can get better lighting.

2. Normally, the service life of LEDs will be several times stronger than that of ordinary halogen bulbs. Therefore, the service life of T10 LED bulbs will be longer than that of ordinary T10 bulbs.

3. The above two points are the main reasons for you to choose T10 LED bulbs from the perspective of service life and brightness.


After reading the content, do you have a deeper understanding of T10 LED bulbs?

Hope everyone can learn more about T10 LED bulbs in this article! Of course, if a professional see my article, you are welcome to give some pointers or two!
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