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How To Choose Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs?

Many large and commercial growers use LED grow lights because they can last a long time and release more light. However, for small-scale or hobby farmers, fluorescent plant bulbs are undoubtedly the most correct choice for them, especially for low-light plants or plants at the stage of low-light development. So, how to choose fluorescent grow light bulbs?

How to choose fluorescent grow light bulbs for indoor plants?

Most fluorescent lamps have very similar working modes:
The electric current heats the gas in the tube, which emits ultraviolet light. Then the phosphor coating inside the tube turns ultraviolet light into visible light, and the ballast on the back turns the current into a usable form.

Generally speaking, you will see a few numbers on fluorescent lights, which can provide you with a lot of information on how it works and help you avoid too dark light.

Tubular lamps have a "T" rating, which refers to the diameter of the lamp. For example, T12 fluorescent lamps are also named because their diameter is 12/8 inches or 1.5 inches. For planting, T5 is much better than T12, and the efficiency it brings will be higher.

If you really don’t know how to choose, then T5 fluorescent lights are particularly suitable, is the best fluorescent grow light bulbs for you.

So when will T12 fluorescent lamps be used?

Generally speaking, T5 fluorescent lamps with full-spectrum and high output are more suitable for the growth of seedlings. They can promote the growth of the plant from the seedling stage to the root system until the plant is transplanted. However, if the plants you are growing are in the fruiting or flowering stage, it is better to use LED grow lights.

In fact, the chance of using T12 fluorescent lamps is very small. If you want fluorescent lights to grow plants at the moment, it’s better to use T5 fluorescent grow lights.