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Case 1: light and warm for corporate club

The house is a geometric structure made of reinforced concrete, the walls themselves are cold, and warmth, harmony, and comfort are the co-creation voices. The relevant elements of space, soft decoration, and lighting are organically integrated, and new vitality and vitality are given through the remodeling of the design.

We devote ourselves to designing, carefully selected furniture and fabrics can perceive the quality through touch. In a fantasy world without light, we can only perceive the environment through touch and smell. How can the setting of lighting conditions create a space with texture and temperature? The lighting designer needs to build with care.

Corporate clubs are mainly working clubs used by companies for internal reception, suitable for small-scale gatherings, dinners and other activities. In the early stage of the design, in-depth investigation and deduction were conducted on the function positioning, space division, material selection, and atmosphere creation of the clubhouse. Scheme design, site investigation, model selection, lamp testing, and site debugging are closely linked. Finally, the lighting design part determines the overall Effect rendering.

lighting design for floor 1

The lighting design has a special design angle for the light environment of the club. The designer thinks not only about lighting, but to make the light and shadow effect significant and natural, and to implement the human-oriented spirit throughout, while considering convenience, but also considering the illumination range of the light source With change. Light becomes the master of the space, showing the connotation of the corporate culture, giving people a temperature, and making people truly integrate into the space.

The parlor is the main place for reception. The lighting design sets up solemn, business, leisure and other scenes, suitable for different groups of contacts and negotiations. The space is composed of grille spotlights, reflector lamp slots, desk lamps, and floor lamps. The floor-to-ceiling windows are installed to effectively introduce natural light into the room. Combined with electric windows, the scene can be perfectly obtained.

The design of ambient light diffused lighting conceals a careful machine, so that people can not see the direct light source and direction, but can feel the soft light. The design of multiple lamp slots is used to provide bright and warm lighting for the overall space, making the space full of layering. At the same time, a high-value table lamp on the coffee table enhances the artistic style of the overall space and adds a bit of elegence.

lighting design for restaurant

Gym lighting and decorative structure are perfectly combined. A rotatable bar light is installed in the structural groove. The angle of light is 180 degrees, which can effectively avoid dark areas and supplement ambient light. Spotlights enhance the overall atmosphere in the entire area and enhance the experience by enhancing the change of light and dark. sense.

During the daytime, dim the ambient light through the system and enjoy the outdoor scenery through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The overall light is weak and soft, creating a relaxed and pleasant light environment. Light becomes the protagonist of the space, and people can't feel its existence. Wonderful warm light fills the space, rich in texture and warmth, making people feel warm and relaxed.

lighting design for gym

The indirect lighting design of the leisure area mainly avoids the light and directly enters the line of sight of the person. The soft and delicate light does not irritate the eyes. The partially embellished spotlights add a little romantic mood to the leisure, making the interior extremely quiet and uncomfortable. Consciously immersed in it can not extricate themselves.

Restrained lights hit the ceiling to make the floor look more textured. In the light of the atmosphere, the warmth of the home follows. The light hidden in the handrail inadvertently guides the walking direction.

The lights in the negotiation area are designed by the designers, they are simple, the thinking is clear, and the layout is clear and organized, creating a simple and exquisite space. The lighting used in this area will not make the contrast between the light and dark of the space too strong, the light balance and the visual balance, and there is no lack of temperature texture while stretching the visual space. The wall-washing effect not only highlights the material, but also does not damage the brightness and shadow of the overall wall surface.

The rest is for better work, the lighting level of the guest room space is created more abundantly, the bedside ceiling, lamp strips and spotlights can effectively control the lighting effect of each area, give full play to the advantages of points, lines and surfaces to meet the bedroom The use of the function highlights the leisure and comfort through light and shadow, and strengthens the core concept of human-centeredness.

This is how lighting design tells the story of space where light and shadow coexist with temperature, in the context of light, warm tone, and artistic vocabulary.

Case 2: Lighting design with multi-dimensional life: hotel

lighting design for dining room
Lighting design uses "understand you" lighting design to illuminate the space, giving guests not only a place to stay on the road, but also a fourth space where multi-dimensional life, shared office and social activities can be easily gathered together. It is a place with countless encounters and possibilities Of quality.

LOHAS lighting design emphasizes the difference between the traditional 2700K warm lighting atmosphere in the hotel's space creation. While maintaining the hotel's home-going service tenet, it also pays more attention to the customer experience and the lifestyle of the younger generation. It combines the decorative elements and the spatial layout with a 3000K color temperature , With 3500K embellishment in some places.

In comparison, we hope to turn the design elements into cultural symbols, open design, and the public areas will be open to the outside world to the maximum extent, tolerate and emancipate ourselves, and integrate hotel life into the city. The hotel is such an open gallery .

The cold color of the material itself collides with the 3000K color temperature to enhance visual contrast. Change the business catering, focusing on the desktop, focusing on the high-illumination and high-contrast practices. Everything here follows the comfortable and harmonious tone, satisfying the desktop illuminance of 400LUX and the illuminance ratio of 1: 1.5.

A high-quality lifestyle can be glimpsed in its hotels, presenting the hotel in a variety of forms and fresh inspirations. The dining hall on the first floor of the hotel can incorporate the elements of the street, making the dining environment more charming and thicker. The use of small chandeliers on the dining table enriches the structure, breaks the singleness of the decorative structure, and extends the fineness of art into the cuisine, so that every guest can start a beautiful day from the cuisine.

Meyan slab ceilings, surface mounted spotlights, decorative chandeliers(e12 bulbs), wall light boxes and gray grounds are organically integrated to solve the professional constraints of individual situations, and consider the coordination of space, lighting and soft decoration.

The interior design combines elements such as water bar, communication area, negotiation area, meeting room, shared office, and boutique display service area. Lighting connects multi-dimensional life, multiple residences, shared office, fashionable catering, and multiple activities. The appropriate warm white light in the public area lays the fresh and pleasant space, which is separate from the warm light of the traditional hotel. The natural and harmonious lighting lamps add a little vitality to the house, and the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere spreads like this. Let people enter this space can feel comfortable.

The leisure area not only integrates the natural light outside the window, but also uses spotlights nearby to create a tranquil atmosphere. With the illumination of the light and the change of angle, people can be immersed in it. You can sit and think, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, or Talk to friends and relax.

The height of the public space on the second floor and the design of the moving lines bring convenience to the lighting design. The arrangement of the lighting fixtures on the ceiling can be very beautiful and very clean. However, the challenge is how to meet the needs of different interactive functional areas while the ceiling is unified, clean and beautiful. For precise light control, we have selected 10W24D, 12W36D, 12W24D, 15W24D, 15W36D plus soft light glass lamps, which are used in the conference room, office, negotiation area, water bar, peripheral product display and other areas in a dispersed and reorganized manner.

The soft warm light of the negotiation area is combined with a comfortable leather sofa. The eye-catching planetary lamps above the head exude a literary and petty boring laziness, gently stirring the coffee spoon, and the attractive aroma follows the light's trajectory Instantly spread into the air.

The industrial-style chandeliers on the conference table are arranged with obvious structural features, comfortable and soft light. Effectively control glare, E26 lamp head, LED15W, 3000K bulb through the mask scale and depth, accurately control the desktop illumination, use light to outline the vibrant lines, wantonally infect everyone in between, hoping to come here or sit Those who come down can wander in a comfortable light environment.

Lighting design considers diversified work, life, social, travel and other life scenarios, interprets the lighting needs of each space area, and understands what kind of lighting you use in which area and environment!