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What Are PAR 36 LED Bulb Used For?

The par 36 led bulb helps to control the light in a precise or specified space, thus helping to create a concentrated light intensity. Like LED PAR16, PAR20 and PAR30 bulb, par 36 led bulb are commonly used for recessed can and track lights in hotels, retail spaces, offices and restaurants. Since the par 36 led bulb provides a wider beam angle, these lamps are most commonly used for landscape lighting as well as floodlights.

How to measure light bulbs?

The numbers on LED PAR bulbs refer to the diameter of the lamp measured in eighths of an inch. This number can easily be converted to inches by multiplying the PAR number by x 1/8 (0.125). The diameter of the bulb is directly related to where it can be used. In this case, the PAR 36 LED bulb is 4.5 inches in diameter.

Most Common LED PAR Bulbs
16 2 inches
20 2.5 inches
36 3.75 inches
36 4.5 inches
38 4.75 inches

  1. The par 36 led bulb is available in two sizes, and while PAR36, PAR20 and PAR16 bulbs can have very similar CCT, lumen output and wattage, they have very different applications.
  1. It is unique in that it can be used with both indoor and outdoor light fixtures. The two main differences with the par 36 led bulb are beam spread, and the bulb size is very different from the smaller PAR bulbs. This is important when determining applications for PAR36 bulbs.

What is the beam angle of a par 36 led bulb?
  1. PAR 36 LED bulb has a larger beam angle size, but some bulbs can be as narrow as 40 degrees. The most common beam angle is the "narrow flood", designed for recessed tank lighting, and track lighting, and widely used in landscape lighting.
Angle Description PAR Angle
Very Narrow 15°
Narrow Spot 16° - 36°
Spot 36° - 60°
Narrow Flood 61° - 90°
Wide Flood 91°- 120°
Very Wide Flood 160°
  1. PAR 36 LED bulb is also an excellent choice for offices, conference rooms and other commercial applications that require downlights.

Power and Brightness of PAR 36 LED Bulb
  1. Many people have such a misunderstanding that the higher the task wattage, the brighter the bulb, which is wrong!
  1. The wattage of a bulb refers only to the amount of power the bulb uses. The actual brightness of the bulb is determined solely by the lumen output.
  1. Bulb size doesn't affect brightness, and there are many different bulb options. That's why PAR 36 LED bulb is such a viable alternative.

We can clearly know how to replace the light bulb through the following table:
Incandescent Light Bulb (watts) LED (watts) Lumens
40W 2-5W 0-450
60W 6-9W 500-850
75W 11-14W 900-1150
100W 15-17W 1200-1650