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Non-dimmable and dimmable LED bulb|LOHAS LED

Dimmable LED bulbs can very the brightness but only universal and ELV dimmers will work with them. Today smart LED bulbs would be a better option for home lighting plans.

Nowadays, when decorating our home, lighting is just as important as the right furniture. Here we will talk about two kinds of important light bulbs for home lighting: non-dimmable and dimmable LED bulbs.

#What are non-dimmable and dimmable LED blubs?

# What is the perfect dimmable LED bulb for you?

What are non-dimmable and dimmable LED blubs?

Non-dimmable LED bulbs are traditional light bulbs which can only be turned on or off with no other functions. While dimmable LED bulbs, which are better aligned with what modern people needs today for lighting homes, can be dimmed by a dimmer switch on the wall.

A dimmer switch is a switch that allow you to vary the brightness of your light to exactly the level you want. It does not only switch the light ON or OFF, but also adjust the intensity of the light. However, not all bulbs are compatible with dimmers. It’s important to know that, for LED bulbs, only those identified as “dimmable” can work with dimmers.

A bulb can be dimmed means a low energy consumption. If you don’t need to light up your space to a specific high lumen every time you turn on the light, then turn the brightness of your LED dimmable bulb down, and this will cost you less energy than a normal non-dimmable LED light does. Another advantage that a dimmable LED bulb has is that it may work both with dimmable and non-dimmable circuits, while a non-dimmable LED bulb can only work with a non-dimmable one. Applying a non-dimmable LED bulb to a dimmable fixture will cause flickering or even damage both in the light bulb and the circuit. So remember to ensure that your dimmer switches, bulbs and circuits all work together when implementing your lighting plan.

What is the perfect dimmable LED bulb for you?

As mentioned above, dimmers are a little picky to bulbs. The reason is that different types of dimmers are designed to work with specific loads and lighting sources. To choose a bulb for your dimmer, you should first figure out the types of your dimmers and what bulbs will match with them.

High wattage dimmers are designed to control high wattage lighting and lamps that control numerous bulbs.

Universal dimmers are designed to control most bulbs, such as incandescent, halogen, dimmable CFL and LED bulbs. Universal dimmers are affordable and seldom cause flickering.

Electronic low voltage dimmer, also known as ELV dimmers, are used for controlling low voltage transformers and dimmable LED bulbs. Since LED bulbs work in a low voltage, Electronic low voltage dimmers work perfectly with LED bulbs but they are a bit expensive.

If you would like to choose a dimmable LED light bulb, be aware that only universal dimmers and ELV dimmers will work with dimmable LED bulbs.

So having confirmed that your dimmers will work with dimmable LED bulbs, the next step for us is to choose the perfect bulb you want.

To create well-lit spaces, it’s better to choose dimmable bulbs with suitable colors. For a study, a white light dimmable bulb would be the way to go as it can create a cool atmosphere for you to concentrate and can be dimmed to an eye-comfortable level.

In addition, dimming a bulb doesn't have to come from a wall dimmer switch. These days, you'll find lots of LED bulbs with built-in smart module. These bulbs can be controlled by a remote which can not only dim your light, but also change color temperatures and light colors. Dimmable LED bulbs like these are a perfect option for you, because they'll work with most dimmers in your home and meet your different needs. Best of all, they're a lot more affordable than you might think.