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Had u ever settled an alarm clock for sleeping?

It seems universal to settle an alarm clock for waking up ourselves,cause busy work always make us tired and 8 hours or even shorter never meet our need of sweeping out snoozles.Well,on weekdays we never go to bed before 12:00 pm to make up the jobs which can not be delt with in time.But if things continue like this way,we would get used to go to bed not earlier than 12:00 and even deep into the night,and that do harms to our health.What'more,hard light put out from a 100W bulb would kill our eyes and at the same time,they would send a illusional singal of it is still daytimeto our brain and we would be hard to feel sleepy with mobile game and forget the time.

That's why I ask in the title,surely the statement of an alarm for sleeping seems a little ridiculous but what I actually want to stress is that we need to calm down ourselves gradually with the night going into depth.

Primarily,stop listening to the rock'
n roll,play the light music instead,believe me your heart would beat with the melody of what it hears,to guarantee sleeping quality,heartbeat need to keep in a relatively peaceful environment.
Then,give up the custom of running at night,just notice that exhausted body would also refused to sleep.

Third,we'd better not play a mobile game before going to bed cause the glare lighting put out from phone or pad would always hurt our eyes and make them sore which is so uncomfortable and become one reason of sleeplessness.Instead,I suggest that reading a book,no lightiing put out and peaceful,as far as I am concerned,it always causes drowsiness.Surely,we need a nightlight,better can be plugged in beside the bed,softlight give us an impression of safety,naturally we would feel much more likely to sleep than hardlight.

We are so young,but that is not a reason of destroying our body by burning the midnight oil which is also burning our healthy and lifetime.To keep continuable,we have no choice but sleep 8 hours,stand 8 hours and sit 8 hours or we would feel sick.
By Thanksgiving Day Column (Black Friday)