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6 Best Outdoor Solar Lights of 2020

No more worry you should take when you forget to turn off the light! Powered by sunlight, solar lights are the best solution to illuminate your home in a way that is environmentally friendly.

That's because, solar powered lights, sustainably converting the solar energy to electricity without any pollution, save a great amount of energy and protect the environment, which further alleviates some of the problems about global warming. Based on this feature, solar lights do not require electricity or power chords, which makes them portable and convenient for outdoor use, especially perfect for porch lights. In addition, outdoor solar lights are able to withstand all sorts of weather since the solar cells are made of higher quality technology of waterproof. All the above prominent advantages make the solar lighting a popular outdoor lighting. To help you find the optimal option for outdoor lighting, we’ve collected and sorted out the top 6 outdoor solar lights here. Just keep reading to find the right one.

LOHAS LED Solar Lights

Want a outdoor solar light with high brightness? LOHAS LED 6000K solar light is our top pick for you. With its build-in photocell sensor, this solar pathway light is a kind of dusk to dawn light, which will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Powered by solar energy, it can charge under the direct sunlight and work 6-8 hours continuously, featuring higher efficiency and longer working time than other competitors. Although this compact solar light is small that only measures 3.94x2.24x1.18 inches, the lights it illuminates is bright enough for you to see where your feet are landing as it come with 8 LED chips. Also, made of IP65 waterproof ABS plastic solar panel, these garden lights are durable & weather resistant for long-term outdoor use, so you no longer need to worry about the rain, snow and other humid weathers. More than that, these dusk to dawn solar lights are CE, ROHS, FCC listed, further ensuring the quality and security when used. One set includes necessary screws to help you mount the light easily and quickly. So, this mini solar fence light is your great partner in the dark night, perfect for villa, walkway, garden, patio, yard and more.

URPOWER Solar Lights

Looking for a solar light that emits the right amount of luminosity and is widely applied on various occasions? Here URPOWER 2-in-1 solar lights will be an ideal choice for you. With installation accessories included, this multi-purpose LED solar lights allow you to mount on a wall or in the ground easily to lit your exterior house. Featuring 180 degree adjustable solar panel, it can capture the sunlight effectively and automatically charge 4-5 hours for 6-9 continuous working hours. At dusk, this solar light turns on automatically with 200LMs brightness and turns off at dawn. Moreover, this outdoor solar light can be adjusted 90 degrees up or down to a desired lighting angle for garden, garage, driveway or backyard. It also has an IP64 rating that can withstand all sorts of weathers including rain and snow, durable and weather-resistant for outdoor space lighting.

Hampton Bay Solar Lights

One set of 6-pack Hampton Bay solar path lights costs about $50. Though slightly more expensive than other solar lights, these solar lights designed with an attractive appearance cast a decorative shadow along the path to add an extra charm to your garden. Besides, the solar cells and weather-resistant construction of these solar garden lights has a longer lifespan than other cheaper ones. However, maybe the luminosity is one of the downside of these lights since each light provides just 17 lumens of soft light to light your way outside the house, so if you want to increase the illumination along your pathway, it is suggested that you mount several solar path lights together at an ideal distance about 5 feet apart from each other. Like most solar path lights, these solar lights combining with practicality and aesthetics are perfect for landscape lighting decor.

ZONE Solar Lights

If you want to go more high-tech, consider A-ZONE motion sensor solar light. This solar security light shines a powerful bright beam of light when anything crosses the path, further saving energy and improving security compared to other solar lights. Shaped like a security camera, this solar light features a sturdy aluminum body and an IP66 rating, which ensures its durability and advanced sense for outdoor lighting. After battery charging with solar power, the large solar panel means that 5 to 6 hours of light is all that’s needed for this solar security light to be ready for action. When the RIP sensor detects the motion up to 26 feet away, the light will increase the brightness to 800 lumens, which is almost 10 times brighter than other standard solar lights. This motion sensor solar light stays 15-20 seconds in the bright mode after detecting and then returns to the low light mode for battery conservation.

Baytown Solar Lights

This solar outdoor light can be versatilely mounted on your home or within your garden in three different ways. It can be mounted on the outdoor wall, onto flat surfaces or columns in your garden or on a lamp post. Equipped with a powerful bright-white LED, Baytown solar light provides bright view with 130 lumens of brightness and increases security for your way home. Also, it can be used as dusk to dawn solar light since this solar landscape light with a build-in photocell sensor can detect the light and turn on/off automatically, making you outdoor lighting economical & effortless. Assuming its rechargeable battery is full, it should provide up to 10 hours. Even more, its attractive and unique design makes it a brilliant choice for landscape lighting and decoration.

Ring Solar Lights

The best solar light does not just light up your yard and make your garden look cool, but also serves a security function. Measuring 4x3.4inches, each Ring's solar steplight provides 50 lumens of brightness and brightens your walkway up. With a motion sensor, these solar yard lights can smartly turn on a low setting at dusk or brighten when they detect movement, which preserves their rechargeable battery life. Besides, another high-tech design is that the Ring solar pathlight allows you to connect them with other Ring’s devices and activates security cameras or video doorbells to start recording. Therefore, the Ring solar light is the best solar light for anyone who has other Ring products, such as Ring Video Doorbell.

With these 6 powerful solar lights we mentioned above, we can see that different solar lights vary from each other in size, brightness, appearance, price, quantity, applicable occasions or other specific functions. But all of them show the common great benefits of solar lights - they make your life easy, safe and meanwhile protect the environment. So now, have you found the optimal solar light for your yard, garden, fence, pathway or garage? Take it home right and light up your exterior house!