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The most valuable goods on Black Friday(PART 2)

Continue as the article I publish yesterday,what to buy on Black Friday with limited money,products durable or currently in need are the priority,and I list a few keep-warm product to keep your body warm yesterday just as tips and cause time limited I am sorry that I did not write in details.

Today,I ll recommend these products to guarantee u a safe travel :
1.Snow shovel
Winter now,and it usually snows in some place especially northern areas,and if u do not have a undergrund parking lot and just park your car in your backyard or anyother open space,thick snow would cover your car,at this time only snow shovel can help or it would be trouble.
As mentioned above,it is so cold that car battery would some time break down and unable to supply electricity for cars to set in motion,and if fortunately it happen that another car can help then wire need.
3.Tow rope
All in all,if none of the methods worked,then u need a tow rope to trail your car to Auto repair plant.

Just for fun,hope that u enjoy your shopping on Black Friday.
Happy Thanksgiving Day.