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6 ideas to decorate your home with LOHAS LED strip light

Home is everyone’s harbor, which it is our duty to maintain beauty in our lives and our surroundings. Not only will the cheerful and comfortable home lift our spirit, but also add a touch of sylishness to our home and helps to raise the functionality in our life. Then, I must say, Color led light strip is the most important element in interior design. So, here is the question: How do you decorate your home with LOHAS LED led strip light? Let me share some ideas with you.

So let's start with the living room:

Enhance wall recess

Lighting alcove may be the first thing coming up the top of people’s heads when they are talking about how to amp up the feel of their living rooms. LED strip light, clinging to the hollow part of the wall, not only makes your living room look grander, but also gives the place a mellow and upscale look. In order to make peoples life more comfortable and convenient, LOHAS let its led strip lights featured with time-limited for opening light or changing color, so it can meet our daily basic needs and capture the mood for the special occasion, But the most amazing function of LED strip light is that color the of these lights can be changed according to the rhythm of the music.

Enliven the ceiling

The ceiling part, of course, is the most important element to enliven the living room in a highly unexpected way, which intrigues us most. The mounting color change led light strip in the ceiling creates a different ambiance for you, which offers you a chance to relish the moment of your life and escape from highly-pressured society. The adjustable brightness of led strip lights with remote allows you to control the brightness and color of LED strip light through App or remote controller.

Backlight your TV

Here comes people’s favorite LED strip light project. Want o experience the “movie cinema” in your home? Dimmable led strip light could be an ideal decoration of the back of your own TV. Besides, strip light adds an overall style to your TV and your room, which creates an aesthetic light for you, especially when the TV is turned off.

Then, please follow me to the kitchen area.

Given the flexibility of LED strip light, the overall style of kitchen decorating with strip light can be highlighted in any home. Made of high-quality material, LOHAS waterproof led light strip around under cabinet diffuse enough light to illuminate the dim place and make the kitchen contemporary. Lining LED color-changed tape strip light in the crevice between the countertop and the kitchen island creates a night club effect for you, because the amount of silhouette used can impact the atmosphere created. Want to have a floating sense of kitchen island? Let LOHAS LED strip light help you. Positioning the LED strip light in the recess between the floor and the island may be a good start.

Now how does staircase mounting with wireless led light strip to sound like?

DIY staircase with LED strip light might be the very first thing that your boyfriend/husband comes up with. Indeed, multicolored led light strip make staircases look broader and wider during illumination. There are a lot of colors that you may go with, but we suggest finding warm or cold colors for the staircase light to work the best.

In nowadays' interior design, LOHAS never forget to beauty the Vanity mirror for you

Pasted or mounted on the surface of the raised bathroom mirror, LED strip light is lit when you need high luminosity in your bathroom. There is only diffused and comfortable light from led strip light 12 volt. The ornate vanity mirror light is created by placing the warm or cold-toned white LED on the surface of the mirror.

In the real-life, LOHAS LED strip lights can do more than that thanks to our customers who let their imagination and creativity take flight. If you place these strips behind your bed-head, reading light and night light are created. you also can use led strip light marking on the edge of the table, decorative cornices, pictures rails, or fix automotive led light strip around your car, motorbike or bicycle.

Tips for mounting LED strip light

1.The length of the strip will hinge on the measurements of the place you want to use LED strip light. You can use LED light strip connectors to connect the strips, especially around the corners。
2.Figure out the wattage required for running the lights strip for home decoration by multiplying the total length of the strip with wattage per meter.
3.wireless led light strip and battery-operated LED strip lights are all available to meet your need

Be it in holiday occasion decoration, formal occasions or just interior design, it is really worth buying for us to decorate with LED strip lights. While bringing a sense of elegance and aesthetic to our house, it also brings a lot of convenience to our daily life. What are you waiting for? Let’s start this wonderful trip with this lovely strip light.