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All you should know about lizard light,FAQs

How to choose and use Lizard light? It's actually very simple. It's just that many players can understand everything immediately after raising a lizard, so I wrote this article to teach you how to choose and use lights. The purpose of this article is to make sure that everything about the lamp is explained clearly, so that as long as a newbie encounters this problem, he only needs to send him the link, because it is written clearly and clearly.

Question 1: How many lights does the lizard need?

Feeding lizards is a heating lamp and a UVB lamp. The heating lamp is like this. Generally, UVA is used as a heating lamp during the day, and a night lamp is used as a heating lamp at night. If you heat it with UVA during the day, you can also use a ceramic lamp or night light to heat it during the day.

If the temperature is higher than 20 degrees at night, there is no need to keep warm at night, so when the temperature is higher than 20 degrees at night, you only need to turn on the lights during the day, and turn on UVB and UVA or UVB and night lights (or ceramic lights).

When the temperature is lower than 20 degrees at night, use a night light or ceramic lamp to keep the temperature at 20-30 degrees, because it is not daytime at night, and the temperature does not need to be particularly high at night. If the temperature is too high, there is no temperature difference first, and second It's a waste of electricity. In the daytime, you can add UVB light to UVA light or UVB light to add night light (or ceramic light)

Originally, this question does not need to be talked about, but many people are not alone. Why are there only 3 lamps in my box with 4 lamp sockets, or how to install 3 lamps in my box with 2 lamp sockets?

My suggestion is to draw inferences from other facts. It is not recommended to buy a box with 2 lamp sockets. If there is only a box with 2 lamp sockets, then it is very simple, just install UVB and night light (or ceramic light), if you install UVB and UVA , it is more troublesome, because when the temperature is lower than 20 degrees at night, you can't turn on UVA and UVB at night, you need to use night lights and ceramic lights to heat, in this case, it is too troublesome to change the lights every day, so simply add UVB to the night Lamp (or ceramic lamp.)

If your box has 4 lamp sockets, you only need to install 3 lamps, what if you have an extra lamp socket, just leave it empty.

lizard light

Question 2: What is the purpose of UVB lamp, can I use it when raising lizards?

UVB lamps promote calcium absorption. If you don't use UVB, make sure the lizard gets about 30 minutes of sun a day (reference). If you don't have the conditions to bask in the sun, you need to install UVB lamps. If you don't bask in the sun or buy UVB lamps, calcium deficiency is basically unavoidable. For the brand, you can use HAGEN, ZOOMDE, etc. If the box is larger, you can use 25 watts, or 13 watts directly.

In addition, UVB lights should not be turned on at night. The principle is also very simple. The UVB light will emit light, and the lizard needs to rest at night. If you turn on the UVB light 24 hours a day, it will first cause it to not know what is in the day and night, and secondly, it will affect the lizard's rest.

So can UVA lights be turned on 24 hours a day? No, UVA lamps will emit dazzling light, and like UVB lamps, they cannot be turned on 24 hours a day and are turned on during the day.

Question 3: How many hours of UVB light is better for lizards?

There are many sayings about this. It is generally accepted that small lizards open for 8-12 hours, and adults have different opinions. Some people say that 4 hours a day is enough, and some people say that it should be longer.

Don't care what others say, mainly for your own convenience, and open it for 8-12 hours. First of all I know that your UVB will not negatively affect the lizard for 8-12 hours. Secondly, you also need to see if it is convenient for you, because if there is no timetable, how do you control the time when you go to work. So don't worry, you only need to drive for 8-12 hours, and it doesn't matter if you drive for a longer time occasionally.

Question 4: How to turn on the UVA lamp and how to control the temperature

The UVA here can also be replaced by night lights or ceramic lights, that is, heating during the day, that is, heating lamps.

If the UVA lamp is turned on, it depends on the situation:

Look at your suitcase, see if you're at home, see if you're using a temperature control system.

If you don't have a thermostat and are not at home, turn on low-wattage heat lamps. If you use a high wattage, if the temperature can reach more than 40 degrees or 50 degrees, you are not at home, the temperature will rise, and the lizard will be roasted to death. Therefore, without a temperature control system, be sure not to use high-wattage heating lamps, or even turn on the heating lamps. Because low wattage and high wattage are relative, in summer, a 35-watt or 25-watt heating lamp may be too hot. In winter, a 50-watt heating lamp may not be too hot. Try it to see the temperature. too high. Then turn on a low-wattage heating lamp or turn on the UVB lamp without turning on the heating lamp, and turn on the heating lamp when you go home to promote its digestion, and then check the temperature from time to time, not too high.
lizard light

The importance of the temperature control system

There is no temperature control system and you are not at home, which is more troublesome.

If there is no temperature control, if you stay at home without leaving the house, you should check the temperature frequently and turn on the heating lamp for 8-12 hours during the day. I did this when I didn't install the temperature control, because I was at home, the heating lamp was on for a period of time, when the temperature came up, I turned off the light, and then turned on the light when the temperature was lower than a few degrees, which was a bit more tiring. After the maned lion eats, the temperature is about 38 degrees, and it takes more than 3 hours (for reference), which is easier to digest.

In general, without a temperature control system, it is more tiring and troublesome.

If there is a temperature control system, it is simple. During the daytime, the temperature control temperature is set at the start temperature of 33 and the stop temperature of 38 (degree Celsius). In this case, the temperature control itself will control the temperature, which is very easy. If only the temperature control has no timing, turn it on After 8-12 hours, turn off the lights. If the temperature is low at night, set the temperature control to the night temperature, and then set the temperature to the daytime temperature in the morning.

If you use a smart box, then it is simpler, set the temperature control on the left (control night light or ceramic light (night temperature)), set the temperature control on the right (control heating light (daytime temperature)), set the timing, then it's OK , very simple, do not need to set the temperature and time every day, very very easy.

Question 5: How long should the UVA light be on?

The UVA lights here can also be replaced with night lights or ceramic lights. The purpose is to heat the lizard during the day, and the temperature is about 38 degrees in the sun, so that the lizard can digest the food. If the temperature is too low, the lizard can't digest the food and it can develop gastrointestinal problems. If there is a temperature control, just set the temperature control system and turn it on in the morning and turn it off at night.

If there is no manual switch for the temperature control system, it is more flexible. Turn on the heating lamp for a period of time to let the temperature rise, and then it will have an appetite. After eating, turn it on for 3-8 hours to allow it to digest well.

Question 6: How many watts of UVB lamp to choose

The wattage does not matter, more than 10 watts or more than 20 watts can be.
lizard light

Question 7: How to control the temperature at night and how to keep warm at night

If there is temperature control, start temperature 23, stop temperature 28 (reference), this is OK, not strict.

If there is no temperature control, you can only buy a few more night lights, and then see how many watts of night lights can keep the temperature at more than 20 degrees at night.

If the temperature is higher than 20 degrees at night, there is no need to keep warm at night.

Question 8: How to buy lights, what brand to buy

Basically, both UVA and ceramic lamps are fine. UVA can be a little bit more careful. The normal reptile brand is OK. For ceramic lamps, basically it doesn’t matter, just the quality is OK. If the quality of some lamps is not good, it will not last long. Of course, it may be related to the batch and defective products. rate related.

For UVB lamps, regular ones are also fine. Hagen or Zoomed is recommended, and reptizoo is also ok.

Question 9: Do the lights need backup lights when the weather is cold?

There is no need to spare the UVB lamp, because if it is broken, it will be fine for a few days. One UVA can be spared. It is better to have one spare for night light or ceramic light, because if the UVA is broken, it can be replaced with a night light or a ceramic light. If the night light or ceramic light is broken, it cannot be replaced by UVA.