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The Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Your Home's Exterior

These days, outdoor solar lights can be seen in almost everyone's yard. Solar powered, energy-saving and affordable makes it the first choice for outdoor lighting. As demand increases and technology advances, there are also various solar lights on the market to choose from. However, most people still do not know much about them, or rather, how to choose the best outdoor solar lights. So in this post we will talk about outdoor solar lights in detail and share with you the best we picked.

What Benefits do Using Solar Lights Outdoor Give?
What are the Best Outdoor Solar Lights
Who Makes the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

What Benefits do Using Solar Lights Outdoor Give?

As we all know, every solar light is equipped with a solar panel, which collects solar energy and converts it into electrical energy. Then the solar light will automatically light up brightly at night. Once installed, no any extra power or manual operation is required, which appeals to most people. And that's true that outdoor solar lights are great for numerous advantages. Let's take a look.

yes Eco-Friendly

Undoubtedly, eco-friendly is the biggest feature of solar lights. As the name suggests, equipped with solar panels to collect solar energy and convert it directly into electricity to emit light. This means that they do not require additional electricity from electrical power plants, Plus, as a clean energy, solar energy does not produce any harmful pollutants or radiation.

yes Energy-Efficient

As a kind of renewable energy, solar energy is inexhaustible. As the earth's resources become increasingly scarce, the use of solar energy can significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby slowing global warming and making a contribution to protecting the environment.

yes Cost Saving

As the technology matures, outdoor solar lights are becoming more cost-effective. They often cost about the same as standard outdoor lights, so the initial cost is not high. Powered by sunlight, not requiring additional electricity also means a big saving in electricity bills, so future consumption will be less. In short, they are wallet friendly.

yes Low Maintenance

In order to ensure good performance and service life, outdoor solar lights are usually manufactured with higher quality protection technology. The ingress protection is usually IP65 or higher, which can resist all kind of severe weather, such as wind, rain, snow. Therefore, they require very little maintenance, all you need to do is check and clean them regularly.

yes Easy to Use

Among all kinds of outdoor lighting, solar lights are particularly easy to use. First of all, they are quite easy to install as they are wireless, allowing you to place them anywhere you want. Next, they do not require manual operation. Most solar lights are designed with a built-in light sensor that can automatically turn on/off according to the light intensity.

yes Strong Practicality

Nowadays, solar lights are designed in different shapes, sizes or with different functions to meet your different lighting needs. Whether you use it in your garden, backyard, stair, garage or as a porch light, you can always find one that suits.

What are the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

After learning that there are so many benefits of using solar lights, now you may wonder how to choose the right one. There are a ton of different solar lights on the market, but for a great using experience, no matter where you use them outdoors, its recommended to choose one with the following features.

wink No need too long charging time wink

Too long charging time means longer sunlight time is needed, which is difficult for areas like Alaska or Seattle where there is little sunlight throughout the year. The charging time of a good solar light under direct sunlight should be 6-8 hours to ensure that it can be fully charged.

wink Long lighting time wink

The lighting time of the solar light is related to the wattage of the solar cell, the output charging capacity of the solar panel and the capacity of the rechargeable batteries. Because of the high wattage of solar cells, some lights will discharge much faster than others. In order to obtain a long lighting time until dawn, a solar light with low wattage but large battery capacity is preferred.

wink Adjustable brightness wink

Different occasions require solar lights with different brightness. For example, when using it as a porch light, it should emit a brighter light to illuminate the surrounding environment, and this also means that the lumen value should be higher. Therefore, a solar light with adjustable brightness function is great.

wink With multiple switch options wink

Most solar lights have an automatic on/off function, which can save a lot of unnecessary energy and manual operation costs. However, it would be better if it also comes with a manual switch, as it meets more of your needs. In some cases, you may want to switch manually.

wink Safe & endurable wink

As an outdoor lighting product, its safety and durability are particularly important. Your outdoor solar lights should have an IP65 or higher protection rating to ensure that it can effectively resist all kinds of bad weather. Of course, sturdy, high-quality manufacturing materials are a must.

Who Makes the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Neither Philips nor Osram, our top pick today is LOHAS LED. With its energy-saving, durable, functional, and wallet-friendly LED lights, its becoming more and more popular among people. Established in 2003, LOHAS LED has been committed to the research and development of LED lighting products for more than 10 years. So far, it has produced numerous LED lights, including conventional, smart, functional light bulbs and various light fixtures. Powerful practicality, high energy efficiency and great cost performance make them quickly stand out from many competitors. And outdoor solar lights have always been one of its best-selling lights.

All LOHAS LED solar lights have a built-in a photocell sensor that detects the light intensity and automatically turns on/off when its dark or dawn, both reducing energy waste and freeing your hands. Plus, to meet your different usage scenarios, it also produces solar lights in different shapes. One of the most worth mentioning is its compact solar fence light, which has powerful functions in a small size. Equipped with 8 LED chips to illuminate your surroundings with bright light. It can be installed on wall, fence, stair, and is especially suitable for use as a porch light. The next is its solar pathway light, which allows you to place them in courtyard, walkway, garden, etc. The retro hollow appearance and simple installation design make it a decorative and practical lighting fixture. What more, all kinds of solar powered outdoor lights are made of high-quality and safe materials and manufactured under strict standards, all of which are CE, RoHS and FCC certificated. Available in different sizes, shapes, brightness and functions, LOHAS LED solar lights must be the best outdoor night lighting fixture with superior quality, affordable price, and strong practicability. For more details, just click on the link.

Nowadays, more and more people advocate to lead a low-carbon lifestyle. Then, using solar lights is a great way that allows you to lead a healthy and sustainable life while saving you a number of electricity bills. By the way, if you want to have a try, LOHAS LED outdoor solar lights are recommended.