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Plants and Caring For The Succulent On Succulent Bowl

Succulents come from all over the world, and it has their presence everywhere. They have interesting shapes and textures and colors, such as agave, cactus, and sedum. Their planting costs and methods are not difficult, and they have extremely low maintenance costs. So what else you should know about plants and caring for the succulent on the succulent bowl?

Succulent planting and care skills

Although we all know that succulents only require low-cost maintenance, we must also understand a little more before we can plant them. For example, what kind of succulent planter bowl is more suitable for their growth and so on.

Succulent bowl planter: Make sure to use a container with drain holes at the bottom. If the bowl you buy does not have drainage holes, you can drill a few small holes yourself. In this way, many problems with succulents due to improper drainage can be avoided.

Enough light: Succulents do not like to absorb sunlight. If you don't have enough light in your home, let them absorb it. Then you need to buy a succulent grow light to allow it to photosynthesize. Here is a link that you can choose some suitable grow lights for your succulents!

Irregular watering: Although succulents are drought-tolerant, they need to be watered from time to time. And all creatures in this world need water to survive, so they are no exception. You only need to water once a week or a month. The frequency of watering varies according to climate change.

Temperature: Not all succulents are hardy. When winter comes, most succulents need to be cultivated indoors and used with succulent grow lights. Of course, there are also some that do not need to be kept indoors, such as sedum.

Gravel: Most succulents can be planted with gravel and pebbles, or other decorative stones. This way the succulents can have a complete appearance.