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Dusk to Dawn Solar Lighting: Light Up Your Home

Dusk to Dawn Solar Lighting can provide a powerful role in light for our homes and gardens, and it works in a low-carbon environment. In addition, they can help us save a lot of unnecessary expenses, very energy-saving and money-saving.

What is dusk to dawn lighting?

This type of light work by using photocells, they will detect the dim level of the environment, and will only emit light when it is dark enough. To put it simply, they only turn on the lights when night falls, that is, after dusk; they turn off their work when the sun rises, and absorb energy to prepare the lights for the next day.

Types of dusk to dawn solar lighting:

1. Safety lights with external photovoltaic cells---solar dusk to dawn security light

Generally speaking, safety lighting needs to provide high brightness to a large area, so there will be a large amount of power and lumen output. However, if combined with a solar system with external PV cells, it can reduce power and lumen output; you only need to install it in an excellent location to collect solar energy.

2. Floodlight or street light---solar dusk to dawn flood light

They are the same type of lamps as safety lighting, but they are more commonly used on roads and gardens outside our homes. In addition, they are generally installed on walls or poles; a large amount of light is concentrated in one area to provide a good light source for that area.

Several key points for choosing dusk to dawn solar lighting:

1. Battery size and quality

The higher the battery capacity, the more light sources can be provided; on the contrary, the smaller. Assuming you need a lot of light sources, choose a battery with a large capacity as much as possible.

2. Charging time

You can ask about the charging time of the store’s products when buying,
Each solar lamp should give the approximate time required to fully charge the battery, and some can even distinguish between a sunny fast charging day and a cloudy slow charging day.