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In an age where people are starting to expect more from their lights. They demand not only lighting their home but also more functions that can entertain themselves and enrich their lives. Therein, color has become an essential measure of a light bulb. LOHAS Smart LED Bulbs can meet your requirements.

What can they do with color?

Soft--Light changes from dim to bright
Night--The orange light helps sleep.
Reading--Bright light helps to concentrate
Leisure--Light blue light is relaxing.

Party--Orange-red light creates a vivacious atmosphere.
Rainbow--6 colors rotate in sequence with flashing
Shine--Disco light
Gorgeous--6 colors smoothly in sequence.


The LOHAS Smart LED Bulbs, which is the WiFi LED Bulbs and also the multicolored Dimmable Lights, working with Alexa and Smart Phone, $36.99 now (original price: $66.66). They offer pretty decent value that make your life easier and make your time more productive.