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All you should know about under cabinet LED lighting

Here,you would know about what is under cabinet LED lighting and how to install.

What is under cabinet led lighting?

In a broad sense, the lamps used in cabinets are called under cabinet led lighting, which was first applied by American lighting design master Mike in his works. Mike has always advocated that different lights have different functions and can bring different lighting effects to the space.

Different types of under cabinet led lighting?

1、Lighting inside of cabinet
Lighting inside of cabinet is mainly used for local lighting in wall cabinets. Generally, the kitchen lighting is installed above the kitchen, and the light is illuminated from top to bottom. Therefore, the light in the cabinet will be blocked by the cabinet board, resulting in insufficient light. The lighting in the cabinet can take care of such details of life, and the lighting in the cabinet with infrared sensor switch Lamps can add a sense of fashion and technology to the cabinet.

2、Wall cabinet bottom light
Wall cabinet bottom light is used for the lighting of countertops and sinks, mainly assisting the cabinet console. If the main lighting of the cabinet is insufficient, it can be used as a supplementary local lighting, and some bottom lights of the hanging cabinet also have a certain decorative effect. The kitchen can create a relaxed space atmosphere and soothe the mood through lighting design.
  1. Lighting in laminate
This type of lamp is mainly used to decorate and beautify the space, and if it is properly designed, it can add a bit of life to the owner.

In general, there are several categories of under cabinet led lighting:
  1. From the outside, there are ordinary light bulbs, circular spotlights, light bars, light bars, etc.;
  2. In terms of use, there are manual scanning induction type, manual switch type, door opening, door closing induction type, etc.;
  3. From the installation position, some are installed in the cabinet, some are installed under the countertop, and some are installed behind the cabinet by design;
  4. From the perspective of installation methods, there are cabinet embedded, screw installation, and paste;
  5. From the perspective of power supply, some are connected to the power supply, and some are equipped with batteries.

How to install led under cabinet lighting?

The method of installing the light circuit on the underside of the cabinet

1. First of all, it is a safety issue. Before installing the cabinet lamps, cut off the power supply, and do not install it with electricity;
2. Secondly, in order to avoid high temperature, it is forbidden to install above the thermal power supply object, where the temperature and airflow change greatly, and where it is exposed to direct sunlight;
3. Then use wood screws to fix the lamp on a non-flammable object;
4. It is forbidden to touch the sensor lens with rough pollutants or sharp objects to avoid accidents;
5. In order to ensure the maximum detection range, the installation height of the wall is generally 1.8 to 2 meters, and the ceiling height is generally 2.5 to 3 meters;
6. The sensor switch is installed at a distance of more than 50 cm from the lamp, and avoids high temperature or the light source directly touching the sensor;
7. Eliminate obstacles or continuously changing heat source objects in front of the sensor that affect its induction;
8. The easiest way is to ask an electrician or someone with professional experience to install it.

1. Before use, confirm whether the product is damaged during transportation. If it is damaged, it cannot be forcibly installed.
2. The product must be kept away from children, because the cabinet lights and wardrobe lights are small parts, so as not to be eaten by children.
3. Remember to keep away from open flames or objects with high temperature and variable heat sources.
4. When installing, consider whether it will directly hit the eyes of people, because looking at the cabinet lights for a long time will hurt the eyes.
5. If you do not have professional knowledge, it is best not to try to repair it yourself, but to find a professional engineer to repair it.