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Which light can be dimmable?

With the development of technology, there are more and more kinds of lamps. Can you tell which ones are dimmable?
Today we will talk about which light sources can be dimmed.

The first category:dimmable incandescent lamps, halogen lamps
The second category:dimmable fluorescent lamps
The third category:dimmable electronic low-voltage lamp
The fourth category:dimmable inductive low-voltage lamp
The fifth category:dimmable cold cathode lamp
The sixth category:dimmable light-emitting diode LED

Compared with traditional lighting methods, in addition to improving the high-quality lights, improving the efficiency of light sources and prolonging the life of lamps, LED lighting can adjust the brightness and color temperature of lamps, create a lighting environment and energy-saving applications, and promote LED lighting. In the 21st century mainstream technology, a large number of LED lighting fixture standards and specifications have been introduced one after another.

The rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED lamps on the market are also dazzling, we have listed some common dimmable LED lamps.
1. Indoor lighting
Dimmable Ceiling lights, chandeliers, downlights, light strips/light bars, wall lights, light bulbs, tubes, table lamps, panel lights, ceiling fan lights, etc.

2. Outdoor lighting
Dimmable LED street lights, garden lights, undergroun lights, tunnel lights, landscape lights, lawn lights, wall lights, underwater lights, fountain lights, stage lights, traffic lights, light strips/light bars, etc.

3. LED safety lighting
Dimmable Fire emergency lighting.

4. Special LED lighting

Dimmable Medical tungsten light bulbs, LED light-emitting diodes, helium-neon lasers, digital tubes, large-screen digital screens, shadowless bulbs, infrared bulbs and far-infrared bulbs, etc.

5. LED special lighting
Dimmable Photosynthetic lights, car lights, medical lights, etc.